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How to use Facebook to grow a church – internet evangelism

Facebook ads are an effective way to reach people who live around your church.  They can be used for anything:  Inviting people to worship, special events at church, Easter services, Bible studies, youth events, children events such as trunk or treat.  Consistency is important.  You will find that Facebook ads work best when you run them consistently.  Setting up an ad is simple and cost effective.  You can reach your community for a monthly budget of $100 to $300 so let’s get started.

How to use Facebook to grow a church – internet evangelism

  • First you will need a Facebook business page (Fan Page) for your church.  You don’t need to promote this page but you do need it in order to run an ad.  If you don’t have one click this link to set it up.  If you need help creating a header graphic for your new Facebook page, visit Memory Cross.  We can create a professional header for $100.
  • Now you are ready to set up your ad.  Click this link and you’ll be taken to Facebook’s overview of their advertising opportunities.  They have several links: how it works, new to Facebook advertising, etc. that are worth spending some time on.  The information that I’ve provided is specific to helping your church get new visitors but Facebook gives a good overview of their entire program.
  • Click the button in the top right that says get started (or advertise now).  You should be at a page that looks similar to the one below.  Depending on what you are wanting to promote I recommend selecting the clicks to website, page post engagement or page likes.  I have found that page post engagement generally to be the most effective.  You can write a post about the event you are promoting and include a link or video to let people know more about the event. If you choose page post engagement Facebook will list the recent posts.  Select the one you want to promote.

Facebook to grow a church


  • Select the audience you want to reach.  Facebook will probably show your city and then a radius around it.  Select a distance that makes sense for your church.  You can select city, city plus xx miles or a zip code.
  • Select age, gender, language.  Under more demographics there options such as parents that are useful in helping reach a specific audience.   Use this option anytime you are promoting an event that parents would be interested in.  You can even select the age their kids which can be useful for many events.   You can also select the age of the parents (or people you are targeting).  This can be useful if you are trying to reach parents ages 18 – 24 for a specific program.  Interests can also be useful for certain events.
  • Now set your budget and when you want to the ad to run.  For this example I selected parents ages 20+ that live in High Point NC.  There are 18,400 of them and the ad should reach 1,200 to 3,200 per day.  Graphic is below.


Facebook Reach

Tips I’ve learned from using Facebook to grow a church.

1. Images are important.   One of the most important things to determine whether your post gets clicked on is the image.  Facebook is very particular about the image.  It cannot have more than a few words of copy.  If you try to put to much copy in your image Facebook will reject it.

2. Headlines are the second most important.  Write several.  They should attract the attention of your target audience.

3. Provide a link or video that gives them more information and include a phone number.

4. Collect email addresses.  If you are not collecting email addresses on your Facebook page (and actively asking visitors to give you their email address) you are missing an important way to reach people who visit.  Facebook has changed the way it shows posts to your fans (people who liked your page).  Presently your posts are only going to show up on 10 – 25% of your fan’s pages, but if you collect email addresses you’ll be able to get your message to everyone on your email list.

5. Be consistent.  You can effectively reach people around your church for $100 to $200 a month which is within the budget of almost every church but you need to be consistent.  If you are letting people know about your worship services each Sunday run ads Thursday, Friday and Saturday each week.  If you are promoting a special event such as trunk or treat (it is almost October when I’m writing this) run the ad for at least 2 weeks prior.  The more people see the ad the better response you will get.

Facebook is an effective tool to grow your church.  If you need help using Facebook or social media to reach your community give us a call today at 800-799-0260.

Halloween Outreach Ideas

Halloween is coming up soon.  Memory Cross has created some of the most innovative tracts for Halloween.   Most have a space where for an invite to your church.  The video below shows how they work.  Visit our website for a free sample or to see all the cards available for trick or treat and trunk or treat.  You can also order from Amazon using the link below.














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