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Trunk or Treat

Trunk or Treat – What is it and Why Should Our Church Hold One?

Trunk or Treat is a alternative Halloween celebration that was started by churches.  The parking lot is turned into a mini festival with people decorating their Trunk or Treatcars and handing out candy from their trunks.  The idea was to provide a safe, fun way for kids to participate in Halloween.  From the early days it has expanded.  Many churches now make it a community outreach providing free food, games, trail rides and lots of fun.

It has also become a great way for the church to connect with the community.  In many communities neighbors don’t know each other and so are hesitant to send their children out to trick or treat, so trunk-or-treats hosted by churches and some communities have become a good alternative.  Most churches also provide other things for the kids to do, which adds to the appeal.

Setting up a trunk-or-treat at your church is pretty simple but requires some advanced planning.  First, think about who you want to reach.  Do you primarily want to serve your church or do you want to reach out to your community as well.  If you are doing it mostly for the church a few posts in the church bulletin and newsletter, along with flyers going home to the kids should be enough.  If you want to reach out to your community, which I hope you will, here are a few tips.

How to promote your trunk or treat event.

  • Spread the word about your trunk-or-treat in the community.
  • Create flyers and distribute through your community.  If you have a day care or after school care, send flyers home with the kids.
  • Create Posters and put up in restaurants and other public places around your church
  • Post it online in local community forums
  • Post it on your church’s Facebook page (multiple times).  Ask members to repost
  • Run an announcement in Craig’s List
  • Put it in your local paper
  • Send it into your TV and radio stations and ask them to announce it.
  • Send out a press release to your local paper
  • If your church has set up their Google Places page, add an announcement there.  If they have not set up their Places page, get someone to do it soon.  It is a great way to get visitors to your church.  Visit our Google Places for churches page for more information.
  • Place it on iTickets.com.

When the children arrive set up a welcome area that explains what is going on and any costs if there are any.  You should have information about your church and other activities ready to give to them.  If you want to hand out something that has been professionally designed or printed, give us a call or check out our printing resource page at Memory Cross.

Many churches also have a sign up sheet that says something like this: “If you would like to know about other events going on at our church fill in your information.”  Ask for their Name, phone number, address and email.  That way you can contact them by phone, mail and email.  This is a great way to connect with the community and you will certainly see your church grow as a result of this event and other similar outreach programs.

I wanted to let you know that Memory Cross has created some creative tracts for Halloween that tell children about God’s love.


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