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Trunk or treat ideas for church

Trunk or Treat Ideas for Church

If your church is having a trunk or treat this year here are some trunk or treat ideas for church.  I’ve updated the list for 2017 and put them into categories for quick reference.Trunk or Treat ideas for church

Trunk or Treat Ideas for Church #1: Get the Word Out – Marketing 101 for Churches.  These are all common sense ideas but I wanted to make a check off list.  Without a list sometimes we will miss things that can make a big difference.

  1. Get the word out through your church, preschool and after-school programs.  A separate flyer works better than a bulletin announcement and send it out several times if possible.  Even though you have created a beautiful flyer with all the important information people will miss it so if you can get it out 2-3 times that will greatly help improve attendance.
  2. Contact your local elementary school to see if you can send a flyer out.  Also if the PTA sends email newsletters contact them.  Often you can pay a few dollars and they’ll include your info in their newsletter.
  3. Put up flyers around local businesses.  Many restaurants and grocery stores have a public service bulletin board.
  4. Facebook.  Don’t overlook the potential reach of Facebook and other online social media sites.  If your church has a Facebook page start there and ask members to re-post the announcement.   Post it multiple times in order for more members to see the post
  5. Craig’s list and other local online sites.  Each community has a number of local community sites online.  Make sure you post them there.  Most are free
  6. Newspaper.  Even though circulation has declined in recent years the newspaper can still be a good place to reach children and their parents
  7. TV and Public Service announcements
  8. Direct mail.  Okay most churches do not go this far to get the word out but Every Door Direct mail by the USPS is an excellent way to get the word out about any event going on at your church.
  9. Encourage children in church to invite their friends.

Trunk or Treat Ideas for Church #2: Things to include

  1. Add more than just cars and candy.  Make it something the whole family will enjoy and provide things that will encourage them to stay longer.
  2. Music – If your church has a praise band, set them up in the parking lot and provide some seating for the adults.  Music is a great outreach and it encourages them to hang around
  3. Add blow up bounce rides.  Kids love playing on those giant blow up games and it will encourage them to hang around.  If budgets are tight consider asking a couple businesses to sponsor the rides.  Give them a sign and a place for their literature and both parties will be happy.
  4. Food is a great way to encourage families to stay longer.  Hot dogs and hamburgers are usually enough.  If you have picnic tables make sure they are set up.  Food encourages people to socialize and you are trying to create a welcoming community where visitors will want to come back.
  5. Haunted trail.  It can be inside or outside of the church.

Trunk or Treat Ideas for Church #3: Evangelism – This should be the ultimate purpose of the event.  Jesus said go and make disciples and it starts by getting people involved in the church.  Here are a few ideas share the Gospel and invite children and their families back to your church.

  1. Create a welcome table that is the first stop before entering the trunk or treat.
  2. Include information on all the things going on for children at your church
  3. Get every email address you can.  Make a simple sign up form that is handed out to each parent that asks for their email address.  It should say something like: At name of church we have lots of fun and exciting things going on for children.  If you would like to know about them put your name and email address below.  We have written several posts about how to use email to connect with your community.  Here is a link to find out more.
  4. Present the Gospel.  There are many Halloween tracts available that you can give to children.  Memory Cross has created a number but there are others as well.  Here is the link to our Halloween tract page.
  5. Station people around the event that are clearly identified as church members.  Encourage them to talk to non-church members.

I’m sure there are many other great Trunk or Treat ideas for church and if you have one that you would like to share post it in the comments box below.  I want to close this post by letting you know about a simple inexpensive way to invite thousands of children to your church during Halloween.  If your church is interested in reaching out to children in your community you need to look at this post:  How to use Halloween to invite 1,000s of children to your church.

If you have stumbled across this post and have never seen how our Memory Cross cards fold I’ve included a video below.  If you would like to receive a free sample just fill out the form to the side.




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