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Tracts for Halloween

Tracts for Halloween – Creative Way to Share the Gospel

This Halloween you can make a difference in the lives of children.  Halloween is the only time of the year that children come up to your door asking for a treat.tracts for halloween  Candy is what they expect to get so I’d give them a piece (maybe something healthy), but as a Christian we have an opportunity to give them something far more significant than candy.

Memory Cross has created a number of tracts for Halloween including coloring cards that present the Gospel to children.  Jesus asks us to go into all the world and preach the Gospel.  Preaching the Gospel includes verbal, print, web and actions.   There are a number of organizations that make tracts besides Memory Cross, so pick one that works well for you.  The design of the Memory Cross Halloween tracts is what makes them so unique.  The cards are designed so that they make a infinite loop, which fascinates  children and adults.  It means they will play with it multiple times and show it to their parents.  Here is what a few people have said:

  • “I showed them to all I came in contact with and got the same reaction.  I even took them to work and showed them to some nonbelievers.  Their response was no different.  One lady said, “What a great way to get the Word out.”  – K. Williams, Kansas City, Mo. 
  • “Cool!! What a unique, well thought out way to share Jesus with nonbelievers.”  – Lori.
  • “Our church has used your tracts for Halloween  in the past, and we love them! The kids love them too. Looking forward to passing them out again at our
    Trunk-or-treat this year.” – Derek
  • “Our church has experimented with tracts in the past at various children’s outreach events. Most of them get tossed aside and never read.  The one tract that seems to captivate the attention of the kids (and parents) is the Halloween Memory Cross card. It is creative, innovative, and most of all biblically sound and gospel-centered. I want Christians to realize the treasure they have in this product for child evangelism. There is nothing better.” – Derek Combs Pastor Jessieville First Baptist Church 

If you are wanting to give more than candy this year then take a look at the video below to see why Memory Cross tracts for Halloween are a fun way to share the Gospel with children.  Click here to visit our store.

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