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Top 7 Trunk or Treat Ideas

This year there are more churches than ever holding Trunk or Treats so I decided to put together 7 ways a church could reach children who attend their trunk or treat with the Gospel.

Mike’s Top 7  Trunk or Treat Ideas for Sharing the Gospel:top-7-Trunk-or-treat-ideas

  1. Have several cars hand out Christian tracts.  They need to tell the Gospel story but also something that children love.  At Memory Cross we have created tracts for trunk or treat that are available on our website, but other companies have also created tracts that you can us.
  2. Consider handing out a Christian children’s book.  This can get pricy if you have hundreds of kids but talk to your Christian bookstore.  They will often cut a deal on a large order.
  3. Hand out information on your church, worship services and other activities that children or parents might be interested in.
  4. Set up a mini movie theater and show a short Christian video.  There are several at I Am Second including Bailee Madison and Bethany Hamilton.
  5. Have plenty of adult volunteers around with name tags that are available to answer any questions that children or adults might have.
  6. Have your praise band play Christian Music.
  7. Have a welcome table set up where parents can register their kids.  Ask parents for their email address so you can keep in touch with them about upcoming events.

Remember the children and adults are there to have a good time so sharing the Gospel needs to be incorporated into the strategy.  Your goal should be to convince them to come back and visit your church at other times and give them a few things that they’ll value that also share the Gospel.

Memory Cross has created a number of Halloween Tracts for Trick or Treat and Trunk or Treat.    We’ve put together a video that shows how our cards work.

They may be purchased from our store.

If you have other trunk or treat ideas, post them below.

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1 Comment

  1. Our church does Trunk or Treat and we already do some of the things you mentioned in your tips. However, we have a Bible Maze that everyone goes through before they go to the cars for treats and gospel tracts. The Bible Maze gives the story of the birth, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus. We have adult and youth members of our church portray each part of the story. They are dressed in costumes and use props as needed for their part in the story. They are encouraged to memorize their script for their part in the maze.

    In the past we have had inside games with prizes for the children and given out free hotdogs and chili for everyone after they have gone through the Bible maze and visited the cars in our parking lot. We have had as many as 300 to 400 adults and children attend in a brief 2 hour span. This takes a lot of volunteers and work. Our deacons provided the food and served it. (The games and food were held in our Faith Center gym/kitchen.) Last year we did not have the games and food and we still had over 300 come and go through the maze and go to the cars for treats/tracts. We also have a registration area so we can get information on those families who don’t already have a church home.

    This appeals to everyone in this day and age where safety is a major concern of the parents for their children. We are planning to have the Bible maze and trunk or treat cars this year, too.

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