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Things You Need to Make Children’s Bible Lessons

Every child needs to know the Bible and the messages that it contains. However, not every child is equipped with the right reading or comprehension skills, and this is why adults – parents and teachers – need to give them proper guidance.

This post is dedicated to you who are eager to make the Bible easier to understand for the little ones. We know that creating children’s Bible lessons is not as easy as it seems! We want them to be easy and engaging enough, but at the same time, we need them to be accurate and truthful. So we might ask: what needs to go into a Bible lessons? Here is our suggestion:

* Prior to the lesson

  1. The first thing you need to do is decide what topic you want to discuss.

For example, if it is the first day of class, you might want to begin with the Creation.

Creation Story origami card from Memory Cross
  1. Next, you need to set clear objectives relative to the age of the children you will teach.

For example, if you’re teaching the Creation Story, do you want the children to know and accept this story as literal and historical? Do you want them to imagine the expanse of God’s power?

  1. Decide on the activities that you want to do and either prepare the materials or inform the children of what materials they need to bring.

* During the lesson

  1. Introduce the topic in an attention-grabbing manner.

This lesson about the First Day of Creation begins the session by giving children play dough and turning the lights off, helping the children imagine what everything must have looked like before God created them.

  1. After getting their attention, engage them by telling them what the topic is about.

Now that you have their attention, introduce the topic formally and point them to where the lesson occurs in the Bible.

  1. Read the Bible together and explain the message.

Open your Bibles and read the relevant verses together. You may either explain the message after you read the entire passage or explain each verse; this depends on the difficulty of the subject.

  1. Discuss what you read and encourage the children to ask questions.
  2. Do the activities that you had planned together. *
  3. Evaluate the results of the activities if applicable.
  4. Recap the lesson and end the lesson with a prayer.

* Suggested activities:

– Memory verse games (We have Blank Scripture Memorization Cards available in our store.)

Blank Scripture Memorization Cards

– Arts and crafts (You can see a list of Easter crafts for Sunday school)

Psalm 46:1 Memory Card

– Praise and worship action songs

– Cooking and baking (There’s a recipe for Empty Tomb or Resurrection Rolls in this list of Easter craft ideas.)


What do you usually do to teach children Bible stories and biblical concepts? Feel free to share with us your ideas for children’s Bible lessons!

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