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Teaching the Beatitudes to Children using Videos

I am teaching the 4th and 5th grader Sunday School class about the Beatitudes and decided to use videos and was so impressed with what was available that I decided to create a blog post and list them.  I spent several hours going through each video and picked out the ones I liked best for this age group.

Each video is on YouTube but if you don’t have internet connection at your church, you can download each one either by clicking the link that I’ve included or adding “ss” to the YouTube file.  For example if the video is http://YouTube.com/watch…. your would put ss in front of the file so it would look like this:  http://ssYouTube.com/watch…  If you get a security warning, which shows up on some browsers with certain security settings, the site is safe.  It will allow you to download the video to your computer.

Saddleback Church Kid’s program put together one of the best series of videos to help children understand the Beatitudes which is why I’m including them first.  There are five videos each covering a couple of the Beatitudes.

Link:  https://www.ssyoutube.com/watch?v=zzhBF569pRY

Link: https://www.ssyoutube.com/watch?v=1kBAY_pxTCw

Link:  https://www.ssyoutube.com/watch?v=sqNWBUjadi0

Link:  https://www.ssyoutube.com/watch?v=AWTs-H03Zp0

Link:  https://www.ssyoutube.com/watch?v=wSyiIGRNDmc

Link:  https://www.ssyoutube.com/watch?v=eUx6QOz1Uow

Saddleback used these videos over a 6 week period but you could fit them into one Sunday School lesson if you did not have any discussion but they would be best spread between at least two weeks.

A few other videos about the Beatitudes that I liked are listed below.  I personally did not have time to show them to the kids so I don’t know how they would have reacted to them but I liked them and they certainly should work.

In this video Hillsong sings The Beatitudes.  This video would make a good into into the discussion of the Beatitudes.

Link to download video:  https://www.ssyoutube.com/watch?v=8clFkbP0lQw&index=77&list=PLDtb6MuZ5Mf61WhMTLjeA17cid5qQBg9Z

Finally this short four minute video puts the Beatitudes into today’s language.  It could be used all by itself if you are just looking for one video to show kids about the Beatitudes.

Link to download video:  https://www.ssyoutube.com/watch?v=aml9KYredtI

I talked about using these videos to help kids in Sunday School learn the Beatitudes but you could certainly use them in a small group setting other than SS or even at home with your own children.

Finally if you are looking for a way to help children memorize the Beatitudes check out this card by Memory Cross.  It is a unique way to help children memorize any Scripture, including the Beatitudes.  When you browse our store you’ll find printed cards that teach all kinds of Bible verses and Bible stories along with blank cards that can be used to memorize any Scripture verse.

Watch the video to see how it works and if you are interested click one of the links above.  If you find other videos that do a good job teaching children about the Beatitudes, list them in the comments section below.  Normally we ban links but for this post feel free to post any appropriate links.  Links not relevant to this post will be removed.


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