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Sunday School Crafts for Kids

Sunday School Crafts for Kids

Sunday School Crafts for kids are a good way to help children learn stories from the Bible.  Crafts get children involved in hands on learning in multiple ways, plus they really enjoy most projects.  Memory Cross has created a number of Sunday School crafts that help children learn Bible stories.

Using a unique origami design each craft contains four panels that are designed to never stop folding.  Children are fascinated with the design so much so that they will continue to play with this craft after they leave Sunday School.  We’ve put a video below that shows how it works.

At Memory Cross we’ve created a number of Sunday School Crafts that help children learn stories from the Bible.  Each card incorporates our unique four panel fold.  There are four panels on each card and you can flip from panel to panel and the fold never stops.  There are no other cards using this design so it gets the attention of children, and adults.

Here are a few comments that we have received:

  • “I don’t usually use these words but this is the most amazing thing I’ve seen. Phenomenal, unbelievable, astounding. The kids at my church went crazy over these cards. Thanks!!!!” – April Drew
  • ” I love Memory Cross products, They have a great selection of resources. Everything from tracts, thank you cards, and the coloring cards are great for children. I would definitely recommend these. Sign up to stay informed as there are frequent sales and they are always introducing new products.” – Karen Kalmnals
  • “I’ve used many a tracts to spread the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. I have found this to be an incredible tool to help with memorization as well as going through the steps of salvation. The different types of cards(children, sports, animals etc.) catches the eye and gets children’s attention .” – Constance Revels

Other stories include: Noah, birth of Moses, Creation Story, Jesus raises Jairus’s daughter from the dead, Peter being freed from prison, Paul surviving a bite by a poisonous snake, communion and passover, road to Emmaus, Roman road, Jesus walks on water, parable of the good Samaritan, Easter story, Thanksgiving, 1 Corinthians 13 known as the love chapter and others.

Creating Sunday School Crafts that keep kid’s attention and help them really learn a Bible story can be a challenge.  We understand that at Memory Cross which is why we are committed to creating fun innovative crafts for Sunday School that tell capture attention and put Scripture into the hearts and minds of children.

If you would like to receive a free sample, fill out the form to the left.  If you live in the United States we’ll even pay the freight.  Check out our store for hundreds of really cool ways to share the Gospel  with children and adults.

Visit our store today to browse all our Sunday School Craft Cards, Gospel tracts and Scripture Memory cards.



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