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Samples Thank You

Thanks for confirming everything.  Look for your samples in the next 7 – 10 days.

Let us know what you think.  We’ve set up a review page on our blog.  If you already have a comment here is the link.  It will just take a moment and we really appreciate your feedback.  We’ve made design changes and created new Memory Cross cards because of feedback we’ve received.

A relationship with Jesus is EXCITING and we want our products to reflect that:  Creative, Innovative, Fun, Wow!  Something believers and unbelievers are excited to receive, something they will keep and read, something that just might touch a life.  If you have 3 minutes watch the video below.  It is a good story of how one little card changed the life of this couple.

The average neighborhood

The following came from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.    What’s your idea of the average American community?  White picket fences, manicured lawns, two cars in the garage?  The real America is not so picturesque.  A typical community with 100 neighbors here is the reality:

  • 7 Struggle with depression
  • 14 deal with fear and anxiety
  • 7 abuse drugs or alcohol
  • 3 are grieving the death of a loves one
  • 8 are struggling with the loss of a job and income
  • 60 do not have a relationship with Jesus

Our time is short and the opportunities are great.


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