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Noah Bible Story and Crafts for Kids

Teaching kids about the story of Noah?  We’ve put together the best stories and crafts for kids on the web that will make the story of Noah come alive.

You don’t have to go far in the Bible to find the story of Noah.  Genesis 6:9 through 9:28 tells the entire story of Noah.  Here is the short version:  From the time of Adam and Eve to Noah humans had become evil and did not follow God.  Reminds me a lot of modern day America but at least we’re not down to one true follower.  During Noah’s time he and his family were the only people on earth who honored God so God decided to end human life sparing only Noah and his family.

God told Noah that he was going to destroy the world by sending a great flood and gave him the instructions to build a big boat.  How they ever got it built without power tools is a miracle all by itself.  It took Noah a long time to build the ark, estimates range from 50 to 75 years.  During that time people had to think Noah had lost his mind but finally the ark was built and animals loaded.

Then it rained and rained which covered the entire earth, even the tops of mountains.  Finally it stopped raining and the waters went down and the ark came to rest on a mountain.  After more time life came back and everyone left the boat.  As a final sign God put a rainbow in the sky promising not to destroy the earth by water again.

Most children in church learn this story before the 5th grade either in Sunday School, Vacation Bible School or in Children’s Church.

Noah Crafts and Bible Stories for Kids

Danielle’s Place has a number of crafts that teach children about Noah.  Carolyn’s site is a membership site so you’ll have to join or you can download each craft that you find interesting for around $2.00 each.  noahs-ark-paper-plate-craft-for-kids

Here is one of the crafts on her site:  Using different size paper plates, scissors, markers and craft paper kids can make their own Noah’s Ark.

Other crafts on Danielle’s Place include:  Noah’s Ark Rainbow Paper Plate Craft, Noah’s Ark craft stick or popsicle stick Bible craft printable, Lift the flap Noah’s Ark and rainbow craft, Noah’s Ark match game and God keeps His promises.

Memory Cross has created a card that helps children learn this Bible story.  It has four panels that fold to make an endless loop.  The image below shows the four panels and the video shows how it works.  You can order a free sample.  Just ask for the story of Noah when ordering your sample pack.  Use the code “new” and if you live in the United States we’ll even pick up the freight.

Noah Crafts for kids

First School Pre-School activities has a number of projects that are easy to do which will help children learn the story of Noah.  They include:

Artistic Hands of Faith has created some of the nicest activities to teach children about Noah.  The lesson has a variety of questions and craft activities for kids as young as 2.Noah Crafts

kids sunday school place




Kid’s Sunday School Place has created 5 lessons about Noah.  Below is a summary.  Click this link to see all the lessons.

  • Lesson 1 – Noah Obeys God

    In this lesson, the children learn about Noah and the ark he built according to God’s instructions. The children also learn that it is very important to obey God in all things.

  • Lesson 2 – Noah’s Big Job

    Children learn that we should all listen to God and obey Him. They will also learn that God has some very important jobs for each of us to do.

  • Lesson 3 – The Great Flood

    In this lesson the children learn about the great flood and how God kept Noah and the animals safe and dry.

  • Lesson 4 – God’s Rainbow Covenant

    Through this lesson, children learn about God’s everlasting covenant with Noah and the earth.

  • Lesson 5 – Noah Listened

    This lesson will review the past four lessons on Noah and reinforce the importance of listening to God and being obedient to Him.

Teach Children their ABCs with Noah

If you have younger children who are learning their letters this Noah based flash card set teaches children their letters .

If you are looking for information about tracts for children visit our store.

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