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Share Faith Memory CrossWe’ve changed the look of our blog and actually moved it to a new location. The old posts will be imported as soon as I figure out how to do that.

I’d hope this will become a valuable resource to help you share your faith everyday. I know God is working everyday. Unfortunately to many times my eyes are closed or I’m to busy to join in the conversation. Just this week I heard a voice inside of me and I decided to listen. God was there each time.

There was another blog post that I read that really touched me. It was by Joe Carter on unplugging and spending dedicated time with God. I could defiantly relate. He had set a Sunday afternoon aside to spend with God. The problem he experienced is he was still very connected to the world.

As he was reading on his iPad, he decided to check something out on the internet, then check email, then check Facebook and before he knew it his afternoon of time spent with God was gone. Wasted on the trivial but seemingly urgent. I’ve personally experienced that way to many times. It is so easy: click one button and there is the Bible, another and back to email, yet another and onto the web.

Joe is totally unplugging every Sunday. I hope he gives us an update. I’m going to start with 2 or 3 hours. Here is Joe’s complete post.

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