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Mother’s Day ideas and crafts

8 Ways of Making Mother’s Day Extra Special

Mother’s Day is already around the corner and what a better way to make our dearly beloved Moms to let them feel how they are truly love is to make this day extra special for them. Afar from beautiful bouquet of flowers, lavish gifts and luxury dates, wMother's Day idease have collected some ideas that we find extra special to make your Mom’s day extra special as well plus we made a free printable (wall décor and bookmarker) for you to add more touch of love on your gift for your mother.


*Surprise Decor

Mothers love to decorate so why not let us start her day with colorful decorations of paper garland pack with surprising gifts of assorted sweets inside the box. This amazing idea from Lexy of Properblog.com is surely a wonderful idea to let your mom start her day. I’m sure your mom’s morning will truly be a joy to behold.

*Blooming Monogram

Let your mother once again feel the lady in her by giving her this totally chick piece of decoration. This entirely beautiful mothers day blooming monogrammonogram by lulus.com can truly awakened the true feminine side of your mom. You can sneak up and put it up on her wall the night before Mother’s day for an additional touch of surprise.


*DIY Cards

Cards are classic gift. But this gift can be way cooler if you make it by yourself. This flower pop up cards by diyjoy.com will surelyMothers day DIY Cards be a hit for your mom as you have specially made it for her. It will showcase your creativity making it extra special for your mom. If you want a more unique and amazing cards for your mom, feel free to check our arrays of Mother’s Day Cards by Memory Cross.

*DIY Tote

If you are into sewing, this easy to sew tote bag by Whitney on elmstreetlife.com will surely be a perfect gift for your mom. Casual but elegant. I’m sure your mom will love this one.Mothers day DIY totes



*Pampering Treat

Who doesn’t want to be pampered? More than anyone, our Moms deserve all the pampering in this world but they are too busy mothers day pamperingfor that. So on this day; give her a pack of real pampering treat that will remind her that she also deserves a break. You can have your list from this Spa basket by Jessica from mom4real.com.


We all know that moms love flowers, but how about giving her something that she could enjoy year-round and that’s low maintenance. Check this inspiring succulent and cactus gardens from apartmenttherapy.com.Mother's Day Succulent


*Prayer Box

What better gift you can give to your mom than a daily dose of prayers. I believe it always work wonders. But how about giving her a prayer box where she can write down all her prayer request and we can help her pray for those. Check this Prayer Boxsuper easy DIY from A Traveler’s Dream.


* Fair Trade Jewelries

If you really want to indulge into another classic gift for your mom, check out our fair trade collections. They are products (jewelries, handbags, baskets, etc.) that are handmade with love and care from local artisans around the world. EveryFair trade jewelry purchase you made will make a difference on the life of these artists and their family. So as you give your mom a gift, you are also giving other persons a chance to live a good life.


Here is the link to the free printable.

*Home is Where Mom is

*She is blessed beyond measure


Which one from the above you would most likely for your dearest Mom? Would you mind sharing it with us? We would love to hear how you make Mother’s day for your mom extra special.

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