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Moses Craft

Moses and the Burning Bush Craft

If you’ve taught Sunday School to children you’ve probably taught a lesson on Moses and the Burning Bush.  Memory Cross has created an origami card thatMoses Craft will help you teach children about Moses and the Burning Bush.  This Moses craft card has four panels that make a never ending loop.  If you have never seen how it works before watch the video at the bottom of this page.

God had a special calling for Moses but He first had to get his attention.  He chose to do that through a bush that was on fire but never burned up.  Seeing the bush on fire but not burning up got Moses’ attention and changed his life.  God many times uses the unusual to get our attention.  It could be a special word from a stranger, a song that plays at just the right time or circumstances that we can’t explain.

That is the idea behind each Memory Cross card.  Taking something unusual and using it to present the Gospel.  The Moses and the Burning Bush craft card is one example.  The Memory Cross design is different from every other card out there and that captures the attention of children as well as adults.  At Memory Cross we believe that God’s Word changes lives and that the unique origami design, never stops folding design is an effective way to reach children and adults.

Here is what a few other people have said:

  • “don’t usually use these words but this is the most amazing thing I’ve seen. Phenomenal, unbelievable, astounding. The kids at my church went crazy over these cards. Thanks!!!!” – April Drew
  • “I got a sample pack in the mail to see how effective they would be with my kids, and My kids Loved Them!!! I’m definitely planning on using them in our children’s ministry program at our church!!!” – Kassandra Tovar
  • “I received the free crosses in the mail – absolutely the coolest thing! What a way to catch someone’s attention and while they are studying how it’s made – the Holy Spirit is quietly working on them! What a wonderful tool!” – Sandra Voskon

We’d like to send you a few samples absolutely free.  Just fill in your information in the box to the left.  If you live in the United States we will even pay for the freight.  We believe you will find the Moses and the burning bush craft to be a very effective way to teach children this story.

Besides Crafts for Sunday School, Memory Cross creates Gospel tracts and scripture memory cards using this unique design.  Visit our store for more information.


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