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Making an Easter Egg Hunt an evangelism event

Across the country thousands of churches will have millions of kids come to their Easter Egg Hunts, many who are not members.  Here are some ideas to turn an Easter Egg Hunt into an event that adds new members and presents the Gospel.

Easter Egg Hunt and Evangelism

I’ve been to many church Easter Egg hunts where kids come, hunt for Easter Eggs and 30 minutes later go home.  This is such a wasted opportunity.   A church down the road does it right and this is what I’ve learned from them, plus I’ve thrown in a few ideas from other churches.  If you have additional ideas let me know by posting in the comment box.

Many churches gather kids together before the Easter Egg hunt begins.  Here are three things you can do during this opening time:

  1. Have a sign in table where parents are asked for their email address if they want to know about activities going on at your church.  In my opinion this is the most important thing because you can now keep in touch with them.  For more information click this link which was about collecting and using email address at Halloween but would apply to Easter also.
  2. Hand out information to each parent with some children’s activities and invite them to come back and worship.  It can be as simple as a black and white sheet or something nicer.  (If you need help creating a postcard or flyer call or email us)
  3. Hand out a tract to each kid that explains what Easter is all about.  We have some really effective ones available on our website.  When you are there order a free sample.

As they gather play child friendly Christian music.  The church I mentioned above has a 20 minute Easter play that portrays the last days of Jesus.  They are a large church and have the resources to put this on but if your church is not that large or don’t have the time or resources there are a many short videos that you can show.  Here are a few from YouTube.  To download them to your computer watch the video on youtube and put “ss” in front of YouTube.  For the video below the url would be: https://www.ssyoutube.com/watch?v=Y3UKd6LQKng


The following video is by Steel House Media and it does a really nice job of presenting Easter by asking children questions.  You’ll have to purchase it but the cost is only $19.95.  Here is the link to purchase.



The Skit Guys have a number of videos available.  Click here to see their entire Easter collection.

Finally there are many craft projects available which help children understand what Jesus did at Easter.  Two of my favorite resources can be found at Ministry-to-Children.com and at Danielle’s Place.  If you have other resources post them in the comments box.

If you want help promoting your Easter Egg hunt using Facebook, visit our page on Facebook advertising for churches.

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