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John 3:16 -Teaching Kids With Origami Doodle Card

We have a new card we would like to ask your opinion about before we go to press in a couple weeks.  This card is designed to teach children ages 4 to 10 John 3:16.  It will be available in NIV, KJV, Spanish and maybe Haitian if we get enough requests.  It can also be translate it into any language with an order of 250 cards and at least 3 weeks notice.

Today were asking for your opinion on symbols, which will remain the same between the translations.  I’ve had a few people write about why we ask for input.  We talk to people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences who give us input which we never thought about.  We don’t guarantee we’ll make the changes but we do read and discuss every suggestion.

The question that we want to know is do the symbols make sense and are they the best ones to use or are there others that we did not think about?   Our hope is that adults will not only help children learn the verse but teach the meaning of the symbols which will reinforce this verse.

The potential use for this John 3:16 card are many:  mission trips, VBS, teaching children John 3:16 during Sunday School, Children’s Church or used in a children’s worship bag.  It could also be used as a goodie for Trick or Treat and children in the Awanna program learn John 3:16 as the first verse.

Here are the four panels and if you prefer you can click here to download a PDF of each panel.

John 3:16 panel 1

John 3:16 panel 2john-3.16-panel-3-proof

John 3:16 panel 4

Thanks for leaving your comments in the section below.


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  1. I think the card is well done, but I agree that the Chi symbol might be a little confusing for children. I also think the Jesus heart should be something the kids could color. How about including the manger with baby Jesus instead of the crosses or in place of the Chi symbol on panel 2? I love your cards and so do my kids.

    • I also thought the photo of Jesus is scary… Not what we want children to think of Jesus! Blank heart to color – Also some Christian religions don’t want a picture of Jesus… Just the word JESUS in hollow letters would be better.

  2. this card is for 4-10 year old kids? I don’t think they will understand the chi symbol or appreciate its meaning.

  3. I love it! very beautiful and a great way to learn this scripture—my only question is the “black-face” Jesus within the heart shape, since I am assuming this is a coloring card, I know how much my students love to color Jesus, making his skin the same as theirs, so perhaps a Jesus that could be colored, otherwise, really well done!

    • Thanks. That was one of the images we questioned also. If we get a few more comments about that image we will swap it out. I liked the image of Jesus and the heart but maybe something more simple.

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