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How to Teach Children the Books of the Bible

Origami Card teaches Children the Books of the Bible.

One lesson most churches teach children is  memorizing the names of the Books of the Bible.   It is an important fundamental, like learning how to check the basics on your car.  You can drive your car without ever learning to check the oil and fluids but your car will last longer if you learn the basics.  The same is true for memorizing the books of the Bible.

At Memory Cross we created an origami folding cards to teach children the books of the Bible.  Memory Cross is a good way to learn because it breaks down the books into four smaller parts.  It is easier to learn anything when it is broken down into smaller sections.  The four panel design never stops folding and captures most children’s attention.    You will find that children take the Books of the Bible card home and fold it multiple times and as they do, they’ll learn the books of the Bible quickly.

The video below shows how it works.

If your children are into singing I recommend finding a song that teaches the Books of the Bible also.  Together they make it easy to help children memorize the names.  You can search YouTube for current songs but I’ve posted a link to one of my favorite ones here.  Books of the Bible Song.

If you would like to find our more about The Books of the Bible by Memory Cross click on the link.  You can also purchase from Amazon at the link below.  Available for Catholics and Protestants.

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