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How to make Sunday School lessons exciting

Even the best Sunday School lessons can be made more exciting by adding videos.  Kids today are immersed in multimedia: TV, YouTube, Facebook, Netflix…  In order to keep their attention during Sunday School why not add a video or two?

In this Internet age it is easy to add a few videos to your Sunday School lesson for free and today I’ll show you how.  I have always tried to reach kids using media.  In the past I’ve used songs and videos on VHS tapes and cassette tapes, if you remember what they were.  The problem back then it was hard to find resources that were not supplied with the lesson.  There was no internet or Google.  Now everything has changed.

The internet and YouTube in particular have opened up almost an endless supply of videos that are available instantly on almost any topic.  For example this week I’m teaching on Exodus 1:1-2:0, which FaithweaverNow has titled God Protects Moses.  The passage talks about Joseph’s family coming to Egypt and how they greatly increased in numbers over 400 years.  Chapter 2 talks about the birth of Moses.  Group Publishing has done a great job giving us a lot of ideas for this Sunday School lesson, but I wanted to add a couple videos.

I did a quick search on YouTube for “Exodus 1” and found number of videos that I could use.  Here is one example.

I then searched for “Exodus 1 Kids” which yielded another set of videos.  Here is one of the results


You’ll find videos for younger and older children, youth and even adults.  Here is one for older children.  It is 3 hours so you would want to only show the first part of the video.

The Sunday School lesson in Faithweaver is mostly about the birth of Moses so I also did a search for birth of Moses, which yielded more results.  Here are a few.


There were many more than I listed here, but as you can tell there are a number of videos available to help children learn about the birth of Moses.

TIP: When searching for videos think about various terms since some yield better results than others.  Try searching for the Bible verse as well as any subject the verses might be covering.  Also try adding children or kids to the search if you are getting results that are to mature for your Sunday School class.

Other potential videos for Sunday School

You can also find videos that share personal testimonies of the topic.  In the example of God watching over Moses I might use a video that talks about God watching of you.  A quick search on YouTube gives me several videos that might work, one of which I included below.


The point of this Sunday School lesson on the birth of Moses is that God will protect us.  Faithweaver says: “But trying to understand how God protects us is kind of like trying to understand an entire scenario by looking at only one small part.  We can draw pictures and explain what we see happening right now, but it’s hard to predict what God is going to do in the next frame of our lives, especially when we’re facing difficult or even dangerous circumstances.  All we can be sure of is that God is able to protect us and we can trust God no matter what we face.”

A video can be a good way to make the connection between a Biblical story and the practical application for our life.

There are two personal testimony channels on YouTube that I use a fair amount.  They are Ransom TeeVee and I am Second.  The video below is one from Ransom TeeVee.  I wanted to tie God protecting Moses to God protecting us and the video by Jamie Grace will help me do that.  She is a Christian artist who faced challenges growing up (like Moses) and she talks about how God worked in her life.

One other person I want to mention is David Bowden.  He has a number of very creative YouTube videos that you might find useful in sharing the Gospel with kids in a unique way.

So you found a couple videos to use, now what?

If you have a laptop and the church has internet connection (something still rare among most churches) you are set to go.  If you have laptop but not internet connection you can download any YouTube video to your hard drive.  At the top of your browser you’ll see the URL of the video that will look something like this:

How to make Sunday School lessons exciting

To download the video put “ss” in front of youtube.  Your browser will look like this: https://www.ssyoutube.com/watch?v=45UluS20Y.  You might get a warning about security issues but it is safe.  Here is the page you’ll be taken to.  The video will change depending on what video you are downloading.

Download videos from YouTube

Once you download it you can click on the video and watch it whether or not you have a internet connection.  Once it is on your computer most computers allow you to burn a DVD.  If you have a DVD player in your classroom, check it out ahead of time because not all DVD players read DVDs created by a computer.

Showing a video on a iPad

If you have a small group and an iPad you can use it to show videos even if you don’t have internet connection.  The first thing you’ll want to do is download an app called Document 5 (shown below).  Open up Documents and click on the browser on the left hand side.  Go to You-Tube and search for the video you want to use, then add the “ss” in front of Youtube.

It will bring up the savefrom.net and allow you to download the video to your iPad.  It should default to Documents/Downloads, select that then when you are done click on the documents link which is located on the top left and you will see the video that you downloaded.  Click it and it will play on your iPad.

TIP: if you have small kids and are going on a trip and plan to use your iPad to entertain them, you can download their favorite videos.  If your iPad has wireless it will still save your data plus make it play better and you won’t have to worry about no cell service.

Document 4 app

If you have any comments or suggestions let us know in the comment box.  Finally Memory Cross has a number of origami coloring cards that help children remember Bible stories including the birth of Moses.  If you don’t know how Memory Cross works I’ve included the video below.

If you would like a free sample, click this link and if you’d like to see the card about the birth of Moses, click here.  On this blog we write about sharing our faith and reaching out to others along with practical ideas on making Sunday School more exciting and ideas to grow your church.  If that is something that is of interest to you, subscribe by entering your email address in the box to the right or left.





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