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Halloween Gospel Tracts for Kids

Halloween Gospel Tracts for Kids

Halloween is one of the best times to present the Gospel to children in your neighborhood.  Between trick or treat and trunk or treat millions of children can Halloween Gospel Tracts for Kidsreceive the Good News.  Halloween Gospel tracts for kids are available in many different formats from bookmarks to booklets.  Unfortunately many are never read which is why at Memory Cross we decided to create origami Halloween Gospel tracts for children that really stand out.

Each Halloween tract has four panels that are designed so they never stop folding.  This unique card will capture the attention of children as well as adults and insure that most people will read this tract.  Pastor Derek Combs had this to say:

“Our church has experimented with tracts in the past at various children’s outreach events. Most of them get tossed aside and never read.  The one tract that seems to captivate the attention of the kids (and parents) is the Memory Cross card. It is creative, innovative, and most of all biblically sound and gospel-centered. I want Christians to realize the treasure they have in this product for child evangelism. There is nothing better.”  Derek Combs  Pastor Jessieville First Baptist Church 

A Fun, Creative Halloween Tract

The Halloween Gospel tracts present a simple plan of salvation that children can understand and then send them to NeedHim for more information or invite them to visit the church that handed out the tract.  We’ve created a number of Gospel tracts, some that are specifically for Halloween while others can be used during other times of the year.  They all present a positive and encouraging message while linking to the web for more information.  Some of them also incorporate a QR code that takes a smart phone to a website or video.  We also can create custom Memory Cross cards for your church or organization starting with 250 cards.

Millions of children attend trunk or treats at a local church or knock on doors to receive candy.  This year give them candy but also give them the life changing message of Jesus Christ.  If you would like to receive a free sample of one of our Halloween Gospel tracts for kids just put your information in the box to the right and we’ll get it right out to you.  We even pay for the freight.  Offer is only available to U.S. residence.

If you have not seen how a Memory Cross card works watch the video below.  It really is one of the most creative ways to share the Gospel with children this Halloween.  If you would like to see the Halloween Gospel tracts available visit our store today.  We’re recently put up a store on Amazon if you prefer to shop there.  The link is Halloween Tracts.  We also have other videos on YouTube.  Check out this Halloween Tract video.

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