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Haitian Gospel Tracts

Haitian Gospel Tracts - Memory Cross
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Haitian Gospel Tracts – A Resource list

There are a lot of mission trips to Haiti so we decided to put together all the Haitian Gospel tracts we could find into one list with links.  Sharing the gospel is one of our responsibilities as God’s people. Since we have been saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ and we got our salvation at no cost, it would be really nice to be able to spread this wonderful message to others.  The future after death of the lost people depends upon our courage to teach and preach the gospel.

Some people do not share the gospel because they don’t know how to. This problem has long time been resolved; there are so many trainings and discipleship seminars now that we can join in order for us to learn how to evangelize. Most of these trainings are free; some are even made for our access online at no cost because this is what God wants us to do: be able to share the Good News to as many people as we can in every way we can. We thought of creating and sharing Haitian Gospel tracts and here is the reason why.

The Language in Haiti

Creole is the only language spoken and understood by all Haitians, and the majority speak Creole only. Yet, the language of instruction in schools is French. Schoolchildren are penalized for their use of Creole, even though the State’s national curriculum prescribes its use in primary schools and even though the Haitian Constitution states that “Creole and French are the official languages.’’ English, at this time isn’t considered a primary or a secondary language in Haiti which means that it can be quite difficult for us.

The challenge in sharing the good news

Sharing the gospel to Haitians can be a very challenging part for those who don’t know how to speak in Creole or French. This is why most missionaries to Haiti have seminars to Haiti’s culture and language before going for a missionary exposure in order for them to be able to communicate to the Haitians.

Haitian Gospel Tracts - Memory Cross
Via minachang.com

Sharing the gospel to the people in Haiti

Whether you’re a missionary or not, if you have a friend from Haiti or you are planning on visiting Haiti for a vacation or a mission trip, you can take that opportunity to tell the Haitians about Jesus and His love for them as well as His desire to save them from the condemnation of sin and eternity in the lake of fire. Thankfully, today, there are many organizations and Christian companies who want to make sure that the gospel is preached to the people in Haiti. There are so many resources we can run to in order to spread the gospel to the Haitians. Here are a few of the many we can use:

  • Haitian Creole Gospel tract for kids from Memory Cross

Memory cross has finished a simple yet very effective tool in sharing the gospel to the children in Haiti. The tract is designed using the panel design that never stop folding it captures the attention of children while presenting the Gospel in their native language. The tract is made for the children to be able to color or put stickers on it. This tract is one of the best resources to use in sharing the gospel to Haiti children.

  • Haitian Gospel tracts from Hope Missions

Hope Missions also has Gospel Tracts (4″x 6″ card stock) available in several languages: English, Spanish, Haitian, Creole, Dutch, Portuguese, and Romanian. We can use all of these in sharing the Gospel.

  • Creole Gospel Tracts for Adults

Gospeltracts.org has more gospel tracts options we can choose from for our adult targets. Bible Gospel Tracts are simple yet powerful and illustrative for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and so we wanted to make sure these are maximized especially for those made for Haitian’s native language.

  • Operation Somebody Cares distribution tracts

Another wonderfully made gospel tract specially created in Haitian Creole is available in their website that we can order and distribute during mission trips to Haiti. This is about a story of an unsaved man’s life after death. Many Haitian adults can relate to this story. This tract can be a very efficient tool to use in sharing the gospel.

  • Free downloadable tracts from Tracts.com

Tracts.com has a great witnessing tool that can be printed and distributed for pennies a piece and is readily available online. In order to reproduce, all you have to do is print side “A” on one side and side “B” on the opposite side of the same piece of paper. Fold the tracts so the front cover (the first panel of side “A”) is face up. That’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 – you can distribute them right away!

Haitians are known for being very hospitable. They love having visitors in their homes. This is very comforting for us to know especially if we’re planning to visit Haiti for a mission trip any time soon. Sharing the Gospel to them can be challenging, but knowing that they are very adaptable and open to visitors, we can be assured that Salvation can be easily accepted and that, with God’s help, they will understand the Gospel of the Grace of God and will accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

What a wonderful experience that will be! These Haitian Gospel tracts are just tools we can use: we have to leave the results to God and just do our part in spreading the Gospel. But there is no doubt that these tracts will be a great help for us in sharing the Good News of Salvation to the people of Haiti.

If you know of other Haitian Gospel tracts let us know by clicking the comment link at the top of the page.

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