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How to get your church videos to rank on YouTube

In a previous article I wrote about how videos can help your church reach the local community and bring in new members.  If you missed it here is the link.  If you have created videos and they are up on YouTube this article will teach you how to get them to rank locally and maybe even around the world.

How to get your church videos to rank on YouTube

  1. Determine what the video is about and what keywords you want it to rank for.  If you have a Google Adwords account there is a keyword planner tool that can help you determine the amount of traffic for each keyword and suggest alternative keywords.  (If you don’t the account is free to set up.)  For this example I assumed the video was about Vacation Bible School.  Keywords included: Vacation Bible School, VBS, Summer Bible School, VBS including your denomination,  (Some people look for Catholic, Baptist or Methodist) and vacation Bible camp.  You’ll also want to expand out your terms to include related searches.  In this example having the video show up for Christian summer activities for children, Bible sports camps, and even things to do with children for the summer near me could be beneficial.
  2. Write a relevant title and enter keywords.  Google does not do a very good job yet of taking the words out of a video so you’ll need to help them.  When you edit your video you’ll notice a section at the bottom for keywords.  Enter your keywords there.  Include the cities or community in the keywords.  Now you will want to write the title which should include your primary keyword, so for our VBS example we might use “What kids say about Vacation Bible School at name of church and city”.  When people search for Vacation Bible School and your city we want the video to show up either in the videos tab or on Google itself.
  3. Write a description:  The first line should be what you have in the title and the second the link to the page you want to send people to.  In this example we would send them to our VBS registration page.  Next couple sentences will describe the video.  For our VBS example you would write about your VBS program for this year.  You can encourage people to leave a comment and then include a link back to your church website or another link that they might be interested in.
  4. Add cards to your video.  Now you can add a card to the video that links to your VBS sign up page. YouTube cards
  5. Put the date and city and state of the video.  Under the advanced section put the date and where the video was created.  The location will help it show up locally.YouTube for Churches
  6. Add Subtitles.  Finally you can enter the wording on the video by clicking the Subtitles and CC button.

Now you are ready to get some views to the video.  The first thing to do is to post a link from the YouTube video to your church’s Facebook page and encourage people to share it.  If your church has an email list, send an email with the link.  You want as many views as you can get in the first week.

Embed it in your VBS page on your website which will not only increase views but give visitors a better idea of what is going on during VBS (or whatever event you are promoting).

Here are some optional items that will increase the number of people who watch the video:

  • Run a video advertising campaign.  You’ll need an Adwords account but video ads are pretty inexpensive.
  • Advertise the VBS sign up page on Facebook.  You can get very targeted about who you want to reach.  We’ve created a article which will help guide you through creating a Facebook ad.
  • If your church or members are using other social media encourage them to share the video and VBS page.

One final comment, you can share the video more than once on email and social media which will increase your views and shares.  Not everyone sees your posts on Facebook or has time to open your email, or watch your video but if you send it several times you’ll see your views continue to increase.

You may want to modify the video and upload it as a new video.  For example you could create one video that is focused on what children think of VBS and another that is more focused on the benefits kids receive by attending VBS.  Much of the video can be the same but it will reach a different audience.

For example Memory Cross makes a variety of cards that help children learn the 10 Commandments and we’ve created videos that target each.  We found that people were searching for Foldable 10 Commandments cards for kids so we created the video below.

If you have any comments or other suggestions post them in the comments box below.

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