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Fruit of the Spirit – Teaching Children

Teaching Children about the Fruit of the Spirit.

It’s the week after Easter and my 5th grade Sunday School lesson was on the Holy Spirit, who is he, how he works in people’s lives and what are the fruitsFruit of the Spirit panel 1 web of the Spirit.  The children really enjoyed the class so I’m posting an outline of the lesson here.

The lesson was from Acts 5: 17-42.  In story takes places after Pentecost where God’s Spirit descends on believers.  The Apostles have gone from hiding behind locked doors to boldly proclaiming the Word of God in the temple.  The religious leaders had already warned the Apostles to never speak about Jesus again and this time the punishment for disobeying was more severe.  After reading the verses we talked about what caused the change in the disciples and who the Holy Spirit is.

I found a couple good videos by LifeChurch.tv which I’ve included links to.

What is the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit like the wind

I was not sure how 5th graders would relate to the videos but we had some good discussion.  It helped them understand who the Holy Spirit is.  Sometimes God living within us providing guidance, comfort and conviction is difficult even for adults.  We then  talked about how the Holy Spirit changes our lives and I showed the following video by Kirk Cameron which talks about how God changed his life:  Kirk Cameron

We talked about how Jesus and the Holy Spirit have changed our lives or can change our lives in the future.  As a closing we watched a video by Building 429 called We won’t by Shaken.

We finished up by handing out two cards by Memory Cross:  The plan of salvation for kids and the Fruit of the Spirit.  I used the first so that they would know God’s plan of salvation and the second so they would understand some of the benefits  of becoming a Christian.  Next week I’ll talk more about what the Fruit of the Spirit means to Christians.

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If you would like to receive a free sample simply give us your contact information to the left.  If you live in the United States we’ll even pay for the shipping.  The video below shows how the card folds.

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