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Frequently asked questions.

Where to start?  We receive a number of questions about Memory Cross every week.  Here are some of the most common and the answers.

Q) Who came up with this idea?

A) Rev. Andy Lambert, who is a pastor in the Western North Carolina Methodist Church came up with the idea.  He took it to a friend who was in the printing business and together they perfected the current design.

Q) What plans do we have for Memory Cross?

A) Memory Cross was originally though of as a way to help kids memorize Scripture.  Since the early beginnings we have added tracts for outreach and coloring cards that teach children Bible stories.  We plan on expanding the Bible story coloring cards.   There are lots of great stories in the Bible and the Memory Cross coloring card is a great way to help children learn the stories.  We also plan to expand into other educational directions.

Q) Where can we purchase Memory Cross cards?

A) They are currently available only on our website.  We have experimented with sales in bookstores, but since most people do not know how it works sales were not as good as we had expected.  With more people having smart phones and the introduction of QR codes it is now possible to have a barcode on the package that links people to a video demonstrating how the product works, so we will be working on getting them back into bookstores.

Q) What countries do you ship to?

A) We ship to most countries but the most popular ones are: United States, Canada, England, Australia, and South Africa.

Q) What products are you the most excited about?

A) I’m not sure why we get this question, but I’d have to say personally I like the Life Cards.  They are the size of a business card, so you can carry them around wherever you go and they allow you to share your faith through your everyday activities.  One of the cards says “Thank you for your service”.  It then goes onto say their service was awesome and then has a Scripture verse and a link to the NeedHim site and finally a place where you can write a note.  I like to think of this series as everyday witnessing and encouraging for believers.  It is an awesome way to share the Gospel.

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