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Easter Sunday School Lessons

During the past several days, we talked about different crafts and activities we can do for Easter at home or in Sunday school. But, like I always said, the most important thing is to make sure that children truly understand the message of Easter.Easter Sunday School Lessons

With this said, probably the most important part of our activities should be the lessons, so I scoured the internet for some great Easter Sunday School lessons we all can use. I divided the lessons into age groups so that you wouldn’t have problems looking for appropriate ones for your student group! Here they are:

Easter Sunday School Lessons for Toddlers to Young Preschoolers

  1. “Friday Was Sad, But Sunday Was Glad” – This lesson is ideal for very young Sunday schoolers, but there is also an option if there are older children in your class. The main objective of this lesson is to teach children that while Jesus dying on the cross can be sad, we should all be glad because, in the end, he won over death!
  2. “The Empty Tomb” – The focus of this lesson is, first, the tomb and what it means, and, second, what the empty tomb Also included are instructions for an empty tomb craft.
  3. “He is Alive” – This lesson takes the message of Jesus’ resurrection one step further by teaching the children that because Jesus conquered death and lived again, now, we can have a new life in him!

Easter Sunday School Lessons for Older Preschoolers to Young Graders

  1. “The Empty Tomb” Easter Skit – Aside from doing crafts and art activities, another way to encourage interaction in a class is making skits. Here’s a skit fit for young graders that focus on following Mary Magdalene during the first Easter morning.
  2. “Jesus is Alive” – Here’s a complete Easter Sunday school lesson plan including story-time, discussion, and crafting that aims to teach children that Easter means Good News for every Christian.
  3. “Jesus Loves You” – This lesson can be used for young preschoolers up to young graders, but the poster suggests simplifying the concept of “unconditional love” for the younger audience.

Easter Sunday School Lessons for Older Graders to Middle Schoolers

  1. “Jesus is Raised from the Dead” – Studying this Easter Sunday school lesson plan, I believe this can serve as a good introduction in teaching young apologists the Biblical truths to answer some common questions and clarifications about the Resurrection.
  2. Jesus’ Burial and Resurrection – Here’s another skit, and this time, the focus is on recreating how Jesus was buried and how he rose from the dead. A set of questions is provided, which will help the students study and understand Easter.
  3. Human Easter Egg Activity – If you think Easter eggs are just for kids, this lesson may prove you wrong. However, instead of eggs, the participants are the students, and instead of painting for fun, painting symbolizes how Jesus died for us who are full of sin.

Easter Sunday School Lessons for the Youth

  1. “Why Does the Resurrection Matter?” – At this age, young people are bound to ask questions, which may include questions about the Resurrection. This is also a good apologia material because it aims to convince students that the Resurrection was a literal and historical event.
  2. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ – In continuation of the lesson above, this still aims to convince the readers that the Resurrection was a real event, but this time, students are also encouraged to share the evidence with other people.
  3. Best Story Ever” Video Lesson – The message of Easter often becomes more compelling for young people through the testimonies of other people. After viewing the video, students are also encouraged to discuss the message of Easter to learn from each other.


I hope I was able to help you prepare for your Easter Sunday school lessons. Do you have more ideas? Feel free to share!  Memory Cross has a number of resources for Easter.  Take a moment and check them out.

IMG_20150225_153954About:  I am a writer, an essay instructor, and a work-at-home mother.  Most importantly, I am a woman who strives to follow Jesus and honor Him in everything I do. I am a sinner, and I make mistakes, and my salvation lies in Him.  My thoughts on life can be found on my blog:  Little pieces of Happy

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