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Easter Egg Hunts Evangelism

Easter Egg Hunts – An Opportunity for Evangelism

Easter Egg Hunts can be a huge opportunity for evangelism and community outreach if done right.  I live very close to High Point University.  The current president Nido Qubein has transformed the university from just another small Methodist college to one of the premier Universities in the United States in 5 years.  I’ve heard him say they are in the WOW business.  If a prospective student visits HPU he wants them to leave saying “Wow that college is amazing”.  He has done that in multiple ways:

  • Reserved parking with prospective student’s name on signEaster Egg Hunts Evangelism
  • Personal conversation with the president
  • Beautiful campus
  • Top rated educational environment
  • Lots of perks for students – swimming pools, hot tubs, work out rooms, fine dining, music and more.

The result is that the campus has tripled in size over the last 5 years.  I’m telling this story because I’ve learned something about evangelism and outreach from what he has done.  HPU is competing against other universities.  We are competing with the world for the souls of children and their parents.

Jesus’ last commandment to us was to go and make disciples.  Easter Egg Hunts can be an excellent tool for evangelism.  It is pretty easy to turn a church Easter Egg hunt into a community event.  Kids enjoy Easter Egg Hunts and parents are willing to bring their children to one even if they don’t attend the church.

Hunting for Easter Eggs does not take very long so many churches have added other things for children.  Some of them might include:

  • Easter Craft projects
  • Face painting
  • Bounce houses
  • Music
  • Hot dog lunch

If kids come only for the Easter Egg hunt and then leave 10 minutes later you do not have much time to connect with them.  By adding additional activities children and parents will stay around for an hour or more.  You should have a number of church staff that are easily identified.  Some will be helping with the activities but be sure to have some floating around and don’t forget to plan on a rain date.

So how can your church use this Easter Egg Hunt for Evangelism?

  • Set up a welcome table where you give each visitor a card telling a little about your church and what is available for children.
  • Make sure you are staffed correctly with enough eggs to cover all the children that might attend.  No one will be impressed if you run out of eggs.  You can use wrapped candy not in eggs in case you run out of eggs.
  • Make sure signs to bathrooms and everything else is clearly identified.  Walk around like a visitor and see if everything makes sense.
  • Ask for their email and phone number along with a check list of things they might be interested to know more about:  (worship services, scouts, events for children, etc).  If your church is using email marketing they will be able to keep in touch with everyone.  Many visitors who come to the Easter Egg Hunt will not immediately visit your church but if you can keep in touch with them many will decide to visit.
  • Call everyone who gave you their phone number and thank them for attending.  You will strike up a conversation with some and even the ones that get voice mail will notice that you took the time to call.  It is one way to stand out.
  • Email everyone who gave you their address.  The message should be very low key.  Something like this:  Thanks for taking the time to bring your children to our Easter Egg Hunt.  We have a lot of activities at (name of church) for children.  Then list some of them.  I’d like to invite you to come visit anytime.  If you have any suggestions to make next year’s Easter Egg Hunt better please call or email me.  Also if you have any questions about something going on at the church call me or reply back to this email.  If you are using an email program such as  MailChimp you can create the email one time and every person who is added to your Easter list will automatically receive the email.  The cost is around $15 per month.

If you do these things your event will stand out and you’ll be able to continue to reach out to the visitors who came.

Tips on how to promote your Easter Egg Hunt

  • Make posters and put up around local restaurants, coffee houses, schools, etc.
  • See if your local schools will allow you to include a flyer about the Easter Egg Hunt.  Depending on the part of the country you live in this can be one of the best ways to get the word out.
  • Facebook paid ads.  This is a pretty cheap and an effective way if your church has a Facebook page.  You can create an ad, select people in your area with children and write your ad.  Link it to the information you post on Facebook.  Your costs will probably be under $25.
  • Ask members of your church to re-post the Facebook announcement.  That can increase the number of people who are seeing your announcement by 20 or 30 times.
  • Create a flyer and ask the congregation to hand a few out to friends that don’t attend church.
  • Send a public service announcement to your local radio and TV station.
  • Run a small newspaper ad.

If you do these things you should have lots of children and a steady flow of new visitors to your church throughout the year.  If you have any other ideas or suggestions about how to create an effective Easter Egg Hunt or Evangelism in general, let me know.

At Memory Cross we have created a number of Gospel tracts for Easter.  Many are designed as a craft project so children can color on them.  The video below shows how it works.  If you would like a free sample give us your name and address in the sidebar.  If you live outside the United States please click this link.   If you would like to see all the cards we have developed for Easter here is the link:  Gospel Tracts for Easter

If you are reading this blog by RSS here is the link to the Video.


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