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Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas – How to teach children what Easter is all about

Are you looking for some Easter Egg hunt ideas that will help children understand what Easter is all about?  Here are a few ideas that we wanted to share.

  • Include a Scripture about Easter in each egg along with the candy.   Make sure to have a number of different verses so the kids don’t get all Easter Egg Hunt Ideasthe same verse.  Just copy the verses onto a piece of copy paper and cut them down.
  • Have a craft area where children make crafts that help them learn the Easter Story.
  • Show a video about Easter.  There are several excellent ones on YouTube.  We included our favorite one below.
  • Have a question and answer time.  Questions such as what is Easter all about?  Who was Jesus?  Why did he come?  Why did he die?  Why do we celebrate Easter?  etc.  It will help children focus on the fact that Easter is more than candy, getting new clothes and coming to church all dressed up.
  • Give the kids an Easter tract to take home.
  • Craft ideas from Danielle’s Place.  Lots of really creative ideas.  Carolyn always comes up with some great ideas.

Here are some additional resources.


You can download most YouTube videos to your computer by putting “ss” in front of YouTube.  Here are some other resources.

Memory Cross has created a number of Easter tracts and craft cards that tell the Easter Story in a fun and creative way.  The video below shows how it folds.  Visit our store if you would like to find out more and if you live in the United States and want to receive a free sample give us your name and address in the sidebar.

If you have any other ideas for Easter Egg Hunts let us know in the comment section below.  If you are reading this by RSS feed here is the link to the video.

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