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Easter Crafts for Sunday School

Easter Crafts for Sunday School

Memory Cross has developed a number of Easter crafts  and tracts for Sunday School.  Each card is designed to never stop folding.  This is Easter Crafts for Sunday Schoolaccomplished by a series of unique die cuts.  The cards appear to look like a normal two sided card except the back panel is upside down.  Upon folding the user realizes that the card actually has four panels that fold back on each other and then begin again.

The unique design fascinates children as well as adults.  Memory Cross has created a number of Easter Crafts for Sunday School, Children’s Church as well as Easter Egg Hunts.  Stories include:

  • Easter Story
  • Holy Week
  • Crucifixion and resurrection
  • Jesus Lives – the road to Emmaus

We also have created some Easter Tracts that share the Gospel message with children.  The coloring cards encourage children to interact with the story through the folding, coloring and decorating of the cards.  Because children continue to play with this card when they take it home, it will help them learn the Easter story better than other craft projects.

The video below shows how this card folds.

We’d like to send you a free sample of our Easter crafts for Sunday School.  If you live in the United States we will even pay for the shipping.  Just give us your name and address in the sidebar.  If you live outside of the United States we would still like to send you free samples but we ask that you help defray the costs by paying for the shipping.  Here is the link to order if you live outside the U.S.A.

Besides Easter Crafts for Sunday School Memory Cross makes hundreds of different cards using this design.  Order a free sample today.  You’ll be amazed at how fun and creative this card can be in helping you share the Gospel with children.



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