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Easter Coloring Pages

I haven’t met any child yet who doesn’t look coloring books. If anything, crayons and coloring books are a surefire way to make a child sit still and be busy.  Since Easter is also soon approaching, I Easter Coloring Pagesfigured it’s best to buy coloring books about Easter because they are a good way to teach them about the holiday.

However, in a pinch and if you don’t want to be carrying an entire book when you’re out and about, I suggest you look for Easter coloring pages instead.  All you have to do is search for one, print it out, and give it to your child. Oh, and prepare to answer questions about Easter, too!

I was also searching for good Easter coloring pages for my son, and I listed some great websites here, so feel free to look around:

  • Crayola Easter Coloring Pages

What I love about the coloring pages of Crayola is that it features a variety of Easter images including the usual Easter eggs and rabbits and the more meaningful palm leaves and Jesus’ cross. I think this helps parents teach their children the meaning of Easter more easily!

Visit the coloring pages here.

  • Easter-Coloring

Similar to Crayola, this website also features images portraying different Easter themes. The images are divided into categories, which makes searching for your preferred images much easier. These include a category devoted to coloring pages for preschoolers and a category that contains Christian-themed Easter coloring pages.

Visit the coloring pages.

  • Twisty Noodle

There are a lot of coloring pages here, and I mean a lot!  There are four pages of images which you can choose from, and there is a wide variety of images from chicks and eggs to angels and Jesus’ empty tomb. The feature that I love the best is how you can customize the page; for example, you can change the font of the words included in your coloring page.

Visit the coloring pages at Twisty Noodle.

  • Ministry-to-Children

The coloring pages in this website are a good fit for older children, and these are great for Sunday school classes! This is because the individual coloring pages tell the story of Easter, phase by phase. For example, one portrays an empty tomb, while one contains an image of a risen Christ. There is even a coloring page telling children about Doubting Thomas!

Ministry to Children coloring pages can be reached by clicking this link.

  • Free Images Coloring Design

Finally, for the child who prefers realistic images and more challenging designs to color, I suggest you check out this page. It contains a number of Biblical images, both literal and symbolic, which will help older children understand what truly happened when Jesus came to the world. Of course, nothing should keep you from using these pages with younger children; just be sure they won’t get frustrated with the difficult Easter coloring pages!

Visit the coloring pages here.

It pays to look through every option available in teaching children the real meaning of Easter. It’s amazing to know that even crayons and coloring pages can be used in order to help children understand God’s great plan of salvation and Jesus’ ultimate triumph. Have you already chosen your preferred Easter coloring pages?

Memory Cross has a number of Easter coloring pages available.  Each card consists of four panels that make a never ending loop.  The origami design captures the attention of children while helping them understand what Easter is really about.  There are a number of cards available and they can be use with your own kids at church during an Easter egg hunt, Children’s Church or Sunday School.  Here is a list of the cards and a link to each page:

The video below shows how every Memory Cross card folds.  If you have other Easter Coloring Pages that you would like to share add them to the comment box below.

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