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What I’ve learned from the death of my mom

“Lessons Well-Learned”

4 Lessons I Learned When My Mother Passed Away

I am not a mother’s girl but as Mother’s day is once again approaching, I definitely miss her so much. She passed after fighting What I learned from the death of my momwith cancer.  When you lose your mom, you also lose a piece in you. That is why it is so important that you celebrate her life while she is still with you.

Moms are special. Their love is incomparable. Their sacrifices are deep. They may drive us nuts at times but they will always be our number one supporter and source of encourager and though we know deep in our hearts that we always value and love them, most of the time our actions speak otherwise.  We need to take every opportunity that we have to let our mothers know that we love them.

Beyond flowery words and extra special gifts for this Mother’s Day, I am giving you lessons that I gained after I lost my own mother.  I hope that you will think about them before you run out of time.


In Ephesians 6:1, it clearly commands children to “obey” our parents for this is the right thing in the eyes of the Lord. But most of the time our obedience is half-hearted obedience and delayed obedience. Unfortunately, half-hearted obedience and delayed obedience is still disobedience. If you truly want to let your mom know that you truly love her, obey her words. Our best interest is always at their heart.


If we learn to obey our mom, we will also eventually learn to respect them. Respect is one of the utmost honors that we can give our parents especially our mother. Maybe there are times that our decisions don’t match hers or her life’s principles don’t fit with ours, but still we have to give her our respect.  After all the pains and labors she has to be through just to bring us up to this world, she sure is worthy of our respect.


We tend to disobey and disrespect our parents especially our mom because we don’t trust her.   As children living in the new generation, we tend to think highly of ourselves as if we know everything and that we don’t need our mother’s advices. Wrong! Maybe they were born in a different generation but lessons from life experiences never fail and I strongly believe that God never made a mistake of giving us the mom we have.  We had been given to them as their children because God trust them. Shouldn’t we do the same thing?


Time, I believe is the most valuable thing we can give to our mother if we want them to feel that we truly love them. Time is gold. This may be an old saying but it is sure true. Once a time is wasted, it can never be recovered, it is gone forever and all that is left will be regrets. Life is short and our mothers will not be there for us forever. Let us give her our attention, let us give her our time, enjoy life with her, celebrate life with her and most of all celebrate her life.

Obedience. Respect. Trust. Time. These are the four important lessons that I learned from the death of my own mom. Sure, I have always been called a good daughter but deep inside I know I have a lot of shortcomings when it comes to my mother. Yes I was obedient but I usually obeyed after a period of time.  I respected my mom but I was also hard headed at times.  I trusted her but there are times that I did my own thing. I lived with her in our house but I didn’t spend much time with her. I didn’t get to create many wonderful and memorable moments with her and as much as I want to dwell on a lot of regrets in my life I know it will just do me no good at all.

So today, as we are celebrating Mother’s Day, I am passing to you these lessons. And I will also be passing these lessons to my children hoping that someday I won’t be singing this song from the movie Enchanted:

“It’s not enough to take the one you love for granted
You must remind her, or she’ll be inclined to say…
“How do I know he loves me?”

May you have a blast of pure joy and unforgettable moments with your mom this Mother’s Day and may Mother’s Day be an everyday experience for your Mom from now on.

What are the most important things you learn from your Mom? Care to share? Comment it down. We would love to hear it from you.

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