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Christian Halloween Ideas

Christian Halloween Ideas:  How to share the Gospel at Halloween

Christian Halloween Ideas.  It is an unusual concept for some but the fact is that Jesus took things of the world and used them to bring people into His kingdom.  Christmas was originally not a Christian celebration but become one Christian Halloween Ideasas more believers celebrated it.  Halloween can be a great time to share your faith with children, which many churches and Christians are realizing.

Here are a few Christian Halloween ideas that you can use to share your faith at Halloween.

  1. Hold a trunk or treat at your church.  This has become very popular as parents look for safer alternatives to trick or treat.  It is a great opportunity for churches to reach their community and it is pretty easy to set up and organize.  All you need are a few volunteers with cars, costumes and candy.  I’ve written several posts on ideas for trunk or treats that you can read by clicking on the Halloween link to the left but here is a link to one of the most popular ones:  Trunk or Treat ideas.
  2. Participate in other Halloween events.  Many towns are now holding trunk or treats that members of the community can participate in.  If yours is one of them then along with candy you can pass out Christian Halloween tracts.  It is a good way to reach people outside of the church.
  3. Pass out tracts to children who come for trick or treat.  You need to pass out candy also or maybe something healthy along with the tracts.
  4. Look for opportunities.  If your eyes are open you’ll find other opportunities to reach children with the Gospel at Halloween.

Memory Cross has created a number of creative tracts for Halloween that have a positive message.  Each card consists of four panels that make a never ending loop.  The video below shows how the cards fold.  For more information visit our Halloween tract store.

If you have other Christian Halloween ideas post a comment below.

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