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Christian Easter Crafts

Christian Easter Crafts – Stories that teach children what Easter is all about

Memory Cross has created a number of Christian Easter crafts that help children understand what Easter is really all about.  Each Easter tract is designed incorporating our unique four panel design that never stops folding. I included a video below so that you can see how it works.

The design was created by Pastor Andy Lambert, who is a Methodist Pastor in the United Methodist Church.  Realizing that children learn best when they not only read a story but interact with it also,  he set out to develop something that was creative and that involved children in learning through multiple senses.  The Easter Craft cards tell a story while allowing children to color the cards as well as fold them over and over again.  Another advantage is that children will be much more likely to take the cards home and flip through them, which helps children learn the Bible story.

Churches use the cards for Sunday School, in children’s church and during Easter Egg hunts.  Many have also been taken on mission trips.  The cards that we have developed for Easter include:

  • The Easter Memory Cross coloring card which is designed for younger children.  It starts with Palm Sunday and contains images and a short story of the last week of Christ including his resurrection.
  • Easter Story – God’s Plan of Salvation.  Starting in Genesis this card teaches children God’s plan of salvation ending with Easter.  It was designed for children ages 5 through 12.  The story starts with Adam and Eve.  They lived in perfect harmony with God and each other, but they decided to follow Satan and sin entered the world.  For thousands of years man was separated from God, but God never forgot man sending his prophets.  At the right time he sent his Son, Jesus, born of the virgin Mary.  He came to teach people how to love and to die as a sin offering for our sins.  God raised him from the dead and he now sits next to God.  His love for us bridged the gap between God and man.  We now can have a restored relationship with God through Jesus.
  • Holy Week – covers the events that went on during the last week of Jesus’ life on earth including communion.
  • The crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.  This card helps children understand the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection.
  • The road to Emmaus.  This card teaches children the story of Jesus after his resurrection.  His visits to Mary, the apostles and his followers.
  • Do you know what Easter is all about Easter Tract.  This colorful tract helps children understand that Easter is more than hunting for Easter eggs, that Easter is about new life.  Jesus came and died on the cross so that we cold have eternal life.  Many churches hand this tract out during Easter Egg Hunts.  It is colorful and tells the Easter story in a way children can relate to.

Christian Easter Crafts

Several of the tracts are available in English and Spanish.  All of them teach children about God in a fun and creative way.  If you live in the United States and would like to receive a free sample pack, put your name and address in the box in the sidebar.  If you like outside the United States, click this link.

It is our prayer that the Memory Cross Christian Easter crafts will help you share the Gospel with your children in a fun and creative way.

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