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Christian Affiliate Program

Christian Affiliate Program

Memory Cross uses Share a Sale for our  Christian affiliate program.  If you have a website that reaches Christians this could be an opportunity to help spread theChristian Affiliate Program Gospel and earn additional income.  Average sale is $65.00.  If you would like a free sample of our card give us your name and address over to the side and we’ll send you samples.  Note:  Free samples only apply to people living in the United States.  Outside of the U.S.A. we will still send free samples but we ask that you pay for the freight.  You can order samples through this link.


Here is the information on our Christian Affiliate program.

Affiliate Manager: Mike Vitamvas | mike@memorycross.com | 800-799-0260
The Company

Memory Cross makes a very unique origami folding card that is used to share the Gospel and teach children. Items include Bible stories, Gospel tracts, Scripture memorization cards and speciality items such as flash cards that teach children their ABCs.

These cards are unique both in design and content to Memory Cross which means sales can only come through our affiliates, direct traffic and retail stores that carry our products.

Video is the best way to demonstrate this unique card which we have put on our home page.  We also offer free samples to anyone who wishes to see the card before purchasing.

Program Highlights
  • 15% first level and 10% second
  • Cookies never expire
  • Coupons, banners, text are available
  • We can also create any creative that you feel will help you promote our products.
Product Preview
Visit our website: www.memorycross.com to see how this unique card works.
Contact Information

We are proud of the service we provide to our customers and know you will be pleased with becoming an Affiliate. Should you have any questions or comments about our Affiliate Program or anything else, please feel free to contact me!

Mike Vitamvas

e: mike@memorycross.com

ph: 800-799-0260


If you would like to know more about our affiliate program, click this link.

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