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Christian Affiliate Program

Christian Affiliate Program by Memory Cross

Memory cross has a Christian affiliate program for sites that cater to believers.  It pays 15% to 17% commission on each sale and you get paid on repeat sales because  cookies do not expire unlike many Christian affiliate programs.  This can expontiantially increase your total income from an affiliate program.Christian affiliate program

Cookies are what track where a sale came from.   Most expire in 30 days or less which means you are always looking for the next customer but with Memory Cross you get paid on all repeat orders. On average Memory Cross customers order four times a year so you can see how this will improve your total payout from our program.

Memory Cross offers two Christian Affiliate programs, one run by Share a sale and the other through Volusion.  Share a sale pays out 15% and Volusion pays 17% plus 5% on second level sales.  Second level sales take place when someone clicks your link and decides to sign up, or you actively recruit affiliates.  Volusion also manages our website so you will get paid on any phone in orders also.  Share a sales only works with orders placed online.
Monthly commission vary depending on the traffic to your site and how closely it matches the interests of people who purchase Memory Cross products.  Commission payout typically ranges from under $100 to over $1,000 per month.
Memory cross makes origami inspired Gospel tracts, Bible story cards and Scripture memory cards. The video below shows how they fold.  Christians who are working with kids at church will be interested along with people who want to memorize Scripture or are interested in evangelism.  If your site reach any of these groups then you would benefit from adding our Memory Cross affiliate program to your site.
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