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Memory Cross, Inc.

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Christian Affiliate Program

Christian Affiliate Program by Memory Cross

Memory cross has a Christian affiliate program for sites that cater to believers.  It pays 15% to 17% commission on each sale and you get paid on repeat sales because  cookies do not expire unlike many Christian affiliate programs.  This can expontiantially increase your total income from an affiliate program.Christian affiliate program

Cookies are what track where a sale came from.   Most expire in 30 days or less which means you are always looking for the next customer but with Memory Cross you get paid on all repeat orders. On average Memory Cross customers order four times a year so you can see how this will improve your total payout from our program.

Memory Cross offers two Christian Affiliate programs, one run by Share a sale and the other through Volusion.  Share a sale pays out 15% and Volusion pays 17% plus 5% on second level sales.  Second level sales take place when someone clicks your link and decides to sign up, or you actively recruit affiliates.  Volusion also manages our website so you will get paid on any phone in orders also.  Share a sales only works with orders placed online.
Monthly commission vary depending on the traffic to your site and how closely it matches the interests of people who purchase Memory Cross products.  Commission payout typically ranges from under $100 to over $1,000 per month.
Memory cross makes origami inspired Gospel tracts, Bible story cards and Scripture memory cards. The video below shows how they fold.  Christians who are working with kids at church will be interested along with people who want to memorize Scripture or are interested in evangelism.  If your site reach any of these groups then you would benefit from adding our Memory Cross affiliate program to your site.
For more information click this link.



Christian Affiliate Program

Christian Affiliate Program

Memory Cross uses Share a Sale for our  Christian affiliate program.  If you have a website that reaches Christians this could be an opportunity to help spread theChristian Affiliate Program Gospel and earn additional income.  Average sale is $65.00.  If you would like a free sample of our card give us your name and address over to the side and we’ll send you samples.  Note:  Free samples only apply to people living in the United States.  Outside of the U.S.A. we will still send free samples but we ask that you pay for the freight.  You can order samples through this link.


Here is the information on our Christian Affiliate program.

Affiliate Manager: Mike Vitamvas | mike@memorycross.com | 800-799-0260
The Company

Memory Cross makes a very unique origami folding card that is used to share the Gospel and teach children. Items include Bible stories, Gospel tracts, Scripture memorization cards and speciality items such as flash cards that teach children their ABCs.

These cards are unique both in design and content to Memory Cross which means sales can only come through our affiliates, direct traffic and retail stores that carry our products.

Video is the best way to demonstrate this unique card which we have put on our home page.  We also offer free samples to anyone who wishes to see the card before purchasing.

Program Highlights
  • 15% first level and 10% second
  • Cookies never expire
  • Coupons, banners, text are available
  • We can also create any creative that you feel will help you promote our products.
Product Preview
Visit our website: www.memorycross.com to see how this unique card works.
Contact Information

We are proud of the service we provide to our customers and know you will be pleased with becoming an Affiliate. Should you have any questions or comments about our Affiliate Program or anything else, please feel free to contact me!

Mike Vitamvas

e: mike@memorycross.com

ph: 800-799-0260


If you would like to know more about our affiliate program, click this link.

Wordless Book

Wordless Book Memory Cross Card concept

We are considering a Memory Cross card based on the Wordless Book, except this one will have words.  The request came from a church that wanted to use a form of the wordless book as an outreach card that children could give.  They were doing a mission project and wanted the children to have something they could color that presented the Gospel.  Here is our concept.  Let us know what you think.

Wordless Tract Panel 1Wordless Tract Panel 2Worldless Tract Panel 3Wordless Tract Panel 4


At Memory Cross we work very hard to create fun, positive tracts for children, youth and adults.

Samples Thank You

Thanks for confirming everything.  Look for your samples in the next 7 – 10 days.

Let us know what you think.  We’ve set up a review page on our blog.  If you already have a comment here is the link.  It will just take a moment and we really appreciate your feedback.  We’ve made design changes and created new Memory Cross cards because of feedback we’ve received.

A relationship with Jesus is EXCITING and we want our products to reflect that:  Creative, Innovative, Fun, Wow!  Something believers and unbelievers are excited to receive, something they will keep and read, something that just might touch a life.  If you have 3 minutes watch the video below.  It is a good story of how one little card changed the life of this couple.

The average neighborhood

The following came from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.    What’s your idea of the average American community?  White picket fences, manicured lawns, two cars in the garage?  The real America is not so picturesque.  A typical community with 100 neighbors here is the reality:

  • 7 Struggle with depression
  • 14 deal with fear and anxiety
  • 7 abuse drugs or alcohol
  • 3 are grieving the death of a loves one
  • 8 are struggling with the loss of a job and income
  • 60 do not have a relationship with Jesus

Our time is short and the opportunities are great.


Thank You!

Thank You for Requesting Samples

You’ll receive an email shortly.  Please click the link to verify everything is ok.  We will not send samples if we don’t hear back from you.

It is our goal that you will find Memory Cross to be a great resource in helping you share the Gospel with people you touch.  If you don’t find our emails helpful please unsubscribe.   A few things we’ll cover.

  • New Product announcements  and evaluations.   All Memory Cross cards use our four panel, never ending loop design but we’ve found feedback from people like you to be incredibly valuable.  When we have a new idea we’ll send you an email.  We’d love to hear what you think and ideas on how it can be made better.  
  • Specials available only to subscribers.  Save 10% to 25% off on selected Memory Cross cards.
  • Creative ideas to help you share the Gospel or teach children Scripture or the Bible.
  • Special offers or announcements from key partners.    



October is pastor appreciation month

Pastor Appreciation MonthOctober is Pastor appreciation month.  I know our pastors work hard and are many times feel unappreciated.  For years my wife was in Christian education.  It was long hours, rewarding, but also frustrating.  We’d get calls at all kinds of crazy hours from people wanting something.   After she left an opportunity came up to go back into it and I strongly urged her to stay as a volunteer.  To balance it out there were lots of rewards also.

Everyone wants to know that they are appreciated so in October make sure you let your pastor and church staff know.  I found a blog that lists 10 things you can do for your pastor and church staff.  I hope you enjoy it.


Share Faith Memory CrossWe’ve changed the look of our blog and actually moved it to a new location. The old posts will be imported as soon as I figure out how to do that.

I’d hope this will become a valuable resource to help you share your faith everyday. I know God is working everyday. Unfortunately to many times my eyes are closed or I’m to busy to join in the conversation. Just this week I heard a voice inside of me and I decided to listen. God was there each time.

There was another blog post that I read that really touched me. It was by Joe Carter on unplugging and spending dedicated time with God. I could defiantly relate. He had set a Sunday afternoon aside to spend with God. The problem he experienced is he was still very connected to the world.

As he was reading on his iPad, he decided to check something out on the internet, then check email, then check Facebook and before he knew it his afternoon of time spent with God was gone. Wasted on the trivial but seemingly urgent. I’ve personally experienced that way to many times. It is so easy: click one button and there is the Bible, another and back to email, yet another and onto the web.

Joe is totally unplugging every Sunday. I hope he gives us an update. I’m going to start with 2 or 3 hours. Here is Joe’s complete post.