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Trunk or Treat Planning Guide

Trunk or Treat planning guide for 2017

If your church is having a trunk or treat, this trunk or treat planning guide provides valuable information on promoting, planning and other tips that can make it successful.

trunk or treat planning guide

Step one – define your goals.  This may sound simple but it is an important step most people don’t think about.  Are you hosting the trunk-or-treat only for children at your church, plus any friends that they may invite or are you opening it up to the community and making it an outreach event?  What is your budget and how will it be allocated?  If you are trying to keep it small, only for the children who go to your church the planning becomes much easier.  You know about how many kids to expect, depending on the weather and you don’t have to worry about any outreach activities.  I’m going to provide my insights and suggestions assuming that your church is going to use this as an outreach and invite the community, which can be a much bigger task.

One of the biggest unknowns is how many kids will show up.  The weather is a big factor and you don’t know until the last week or maybe even later.  That is why I recommend creating two plans.  The first one is for the number of kids you expect to show up and the other plan is what happens if there are twice as many kids. Last year in North Carolina the weather was amazing on Sunday evening.  All the churches I know of had double or even triple the number of kids they planned for.  That can create a bad experience for everyone as you can quickly run out of candy and food.

Our church collected candy and treats beforehand and also asked adults who were participating to bring candy.  That gave us a backup supply, which we totally used up and still had to send people out to the store to buy more.  We were expecting a couple hundred kids and because of the weather, we had almost 1,000.  We did run out of candy and food but it was towards the end of the event.  Overall people enjoyed themselves but unfortunately, that was not true for all the trunk or treats in our area.  Not planning for a record number of people can leave a bad taste in visitors minds.

Step two of our trunk or treat planning guide – promoting your trunk or treat.  I’ve written several articles about how to promote an event so I’m just going to go over the basics and link to the other articles if you want more details.  The first is internal promotions such as announcements in the church bulletin and the newsletter.  If you have a pre-school or after school make sure they receive an invitation.  Create a ticket to the event and give a couple to each child in church, preschool and after school.

External promotions – There are a number of external promotions available.  I’ll list a few of my favorite ones here.

  • Facebook – 90% of the people who live around your church are on Facebook and log in every day.   If your church has a Facebook Page creating an ad is simple, cost effective and efficient.  You’ll need a picture of kids dressed up.  Don’t put any copy on the picture.  Facebook does not like any words on the pictures and will reject your ad if there are more than 25% words.  If you have a video or can create one, even better because Facebook likes videos and you’ll reach more people at less cost.  Click here to go to Facebook’s Ad platform.  Create an ad promoting an event and choose the people you want to reach.  There are a lot of options but pick people who have kids in the age group you want to invite who live within a couple miles of your church.  Keep the copy simple:  Invitation to the event and the details.  You can send them to your page to RSVP which will help with planning.   Here is a link to a previous article on using Facebook that has more details.
  • Post event on Craig’s List.  It is easy, free and a lot of people still visit Craig’s List.
  • Posters up around local establishments.  They won’t get the views that Facebook will but you’ll still reach people
  • If you created a ticket look into handing them out at school functions or other community activities
  • Local newspaper and radio.  They may promote your community event for free.  I don’t recommend running an ad though.
  • For more ideas on getting the word out click here.

Why are you holding a trunk or treat?

There can be lots of reasons you want to hold a trunk or treat: fun, safe event for kids, community outreach, etc., but in my opinion, there is only one primary reason and that is to bring children and adults into a relationship with Jesus.  How does a trunk or treat accomplish that?  It can be a door opener.  If you are able to funnel everyone through a couple openings before they enter your trunk or treat you can provide a sign-up sheet where the parents can get more information about what is going on at the church.  A sign and an email sign-up list (optional) can be a great way to start connecting.   Plan to pass out information on other activities going on at the church.

If you don’t have one central place where people go through to get into your trunk or treat you can give one car information to pass out about what is going on at the church and a couple more can be sign up stations to collect email addresses.

Hand out Gospel Tracts and other reminders that God loves them and has a plan for their lives.

Only a small portion of kids and parents will decide to join the church and hopefully, come into a relationship with Jesus.  Gospel tracts are a way to put God’s Word into every child that visits your Trunk or Treat.  Memory Cross has several that you might want to consider.  They are, creative, fun and effective at presenting the Gospel.  If you would like to order a free sample, click here.


What activities to include for trunk or treat

Here are a few things that have been popular at other trunk or treats.  The list depends on your budget, space, and resources of your members.  These would be in addition to decorating the trunk of a car, SUV or pickup.

  • Provide food and drink either no charge or at cost.  If you have an outdoor shelter or can set up picnic tables and have the equipment to cook hamburgers, hot dogs or pizza, providing food can be a great addition.
  • Live entertainment – have a praise band or other musical talent at the church?  Check into having them perform at your trunk or treat.
  • Is your event going on at sundown?  Consider adding a movie.  I’ve seen mixed results because many parents want to get their kids home and ready for school, but if your event is being held on Friday or Saturday I’ve seen the movie be very successful.
  • Games and blow-ups.  Kids love those giant blow-ups and adding some will continue to engage children after they have gone through the trunk or treat.  If cost is an issue see if a local business would be willing to sponsor one of the blow-ups.  Add their name to the ticket and maybe even some information on the back.
  • Hayride – you need the right equipment and probably be in a country setting but a hayride can be something that draws children to your trunk or treat.
  • Pumpkin drawing – Jack Be Little pumpkins or Baby Boo pumpkins are usually available for $1.00 or less and make a great craft activity for children.  A free option would be to allow children to color a Bible Halloween page such as this one from Ministry to Children.

Following up

Your event was a smashing success, congratulations!  One more thing you don’t want to forget.  If you collected email addresses enter them into your email account.  (I use Mailchimp).  Send them out an email thanking them for coming and letting them know about programs going on at the church for children and adults.  You should send out emails once a week with what is happing, at least for the first month.  It takes time to get people into the habit of visiting your church so don’t give up.  It can be a life-changing experience as you can see by watching the video.  Don’t give up,  Keep the outreach going.  God will use you to touch others.

I’ve tried to make this a fairly complete Trunk or Treat planning guide but if you have anything to suggest, write down your comments.

Halloween Gospel Tracts for Children

Halloween Gospel Tracts for children offer a unique opportunity to let children know that God loves them. Imagine neighborhood children hearing the Gospel, many for the first time. The opportunity happens during Halloween. That’s the day 41 million kids dress up and take to the streets looking for a treat or come to a Trunk or Treat.

Halloween Gospel Tracts for children

They’ll come home with lots of candy and a few small toys, but what if they came home with the Gospel? What if The Message became planted in their heart and brought them into a relationship with Jesus? What if their life was forever changed and they received eternal life?

When we meet Jesus, it is life changing and we want others to know Him. God wants to use us in His work of scattering the seeds of the gospel. We are not responsible for changing hearts, only God can do that, but we are called to scatter His message.

Do Halloween Gospel Tracts for children really change lives?

Are lives really changed from one simple Gospel tract? Peter said in John 6:68 “you have the words of eternal life.” God’s Word does change lives even today but those 41 million children won’t hear God’s Word unless someone decides to hand them a Halloween Gospel tract along with their candy.

At Memory Cross, we make some of the most creative Gospel tracts for Halloween. Creative enough that kids will read and keep them, and since most parents inspect what their children bring home they’ll also read God’s Word.

You are planting seeds, seeds of eternal life.   Galatians 6:9 says: “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap if we do not give up.”

If you would like to learn more about reaching children with the Gospel at Halloween visit Memory Cross. If you decide to order a free sample use the code “children” and we’ll even pick up the shipping costs.

May this Halloween millions of kids receive the Gospel.



Trunk or treat ideas for church

Trunk or Treat Ideas for Church

If your church is having a trunk or treat this year here are some trunk or treat ideas for church.  I’ve updated the list for 2017 and put them into categories for quick reference.Trunk or Treat ideas for church

Trunk or Treat Ideas for Church #1: Get the Word Out – Marketing 101 for Churches.  These are all common sense ideas but I wanted to make a check off list.  Without a list sometimes we will miss things that can make a big difference.

  1. Get the word out through your church, preschool and after-school programs.  A separate flyer works better than a bulletin announcement and send it out several times if possible.  Even though you have created a beautiful flyer with all the important information people will miss it so if you can get it out 2-3 times that will greatly help improve attendance.
  2. Contact your local elementary school to see if you can send a flyer out.  Also if the PTA sends email newsletters contact them.  Often you can pay a few dollars and they’ll include your info in their newsletter.
  3. Put up flyers around local businesses.  Many restaurants and grocery stores have a public service bulletin board.
  4. Facebook.  Don’t overlook the potential reach of Facebook and other online social media sites.  If your church has a Facebook page start there and ask members to re-post the announcement.   Post it multiple times in order for more members to see the post
  5. Craig’s list and other local online sites.  Each community has a number of local community sites online.  Make sure you post them there.  Most are free
  6. Newspaper.  Even though circulation has declined in recent years the newspaper can still be a good place to reach children and their parents
  7. TV and Public Service announcements
  8. Direct mail.  Okay most churches do not go this far to get the word out but Every Door Direct mail by the USPS is an excellent way to get the word out about any event going on at your church.
  9. Encourage children in church to invite their friends.

Trunk or Treat Ideas for Church #2: Things to include

  1. Add more than just cars and candy.  Make it something the whole family will enjoy and provide things that will encourage them to stay longer.
  2. Music – If your church has a praise band, set them up in the parking lot and provide some seating for the adults.  Music is a great outreach and it encourages them to hang around
  3. Add blow up bounce rides.  Kids love playing on those giant blow up games and it will encourage them to hang around.  If budgets are tight consider asking a couple businesses to sponsor the rides.  Give them a sign and a place for their literature and both parties will be happy.
  4. Food is a great way to encourage families to stay longer.  Hot dogs and hamburgers are usually enough.  If you have picnic tables make sure they are set up.  Food encourages people to socialize and you are trying to create a welcoming community where visitors will want to come back.
  5. Haunted trail.  It can be inside or outside of the church.

Trunk or Treat Ideas for Church #3: Evangelism – This should be the ultimate purpose of the event.  Jesus said go and make disciples and it starts by getting people involved in the church.  Here are a few ideas share the Gospel and invite children and their families back to your church.

  1. Create a welcome table that is the first stop before entering the trunk or treat.
  2. Include information on all the things going on for children at your church
  3. Get every email address you can.  Make a simple sign up form that is handed out to each parent that asks for their email address.  It should say something like: At name of church we have lots of fun and exciting things going on for children.  If you would like to know about them put your name and email address below.  We have written several posts about how to use email to connect with your community.  Here is a link to find out more.
  4. Present the Gospel.  There are many Halloween tracts available that you can give to children.  Memory Cross has created a number but there are others as well.  Here is the link to our Halloween tract page.
  5. Station people around the event that are clearly identified as church members.  Encourage them to talk to non-church members.

I’m sure there are many other great Trunk or Treat ideas for church and if you have one that you would like to share post it in the comments box below.  I want to close this post by letting you know about a simple inexpensive way to invite thousands of children to your church during Halloween.  If your church is interested in reaching out to children in your community you need to look at this post:  How to use Halloween to invite 1,000s of children to your church.

If you have stumbled across this post and have never seen how our Memory Cross cards fold I’ve included a video below.  If you would like to receive a free sample just fill out the form to the side.




Halloween offers a tremendous opportunity for evangelism

Halloween, a day of mixed feelings for many Christians, offers a tremendous opportunity for evangelism.  What other day do so many children come in contact with followers of Jesus Christ? Trunk-or-treats put on by churches are packed with kids and their parents from the neighborhood and 41 million children still trick or treat, knocking on the doors of Christians.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if each of those kids received a Gospel tract or an invitation to visit a local church?

There is an increasing number of creative Halloween Gospel tracts that let children know God loves them available.  I’ve included some at the bottom of this post.  One of the questions I’m asked is do tracts still work or am I just wasting my money?  Isaiah 55:11 says: “It is the same with my word.  I send it out, and it always produces fruit.  It will accomplish all I want it to, and it will prosper everywhere I send it” NLV.    Because Memory Cross produces so many Halloween Gospel tracts we receive emails from those who have read and responded to the Gospel through our tracts and besides do you ask that question about the candy you buy trick-or-treat?  Which has more potential for good in a child’s life?

The video below is the story of a couple whose lives were changed as a result of receiving a simple Gospel tract.  If you doubt that God’s Word can change lives I hope you’ll take a few minutes and watch the video.

Halloween offers a tremendous opportunity for evangelism

Could 41 million children really be touched by God’s Word at Halloween?  Based on the information I could find there are about 116,000 churches that hold a trunk or treat each year with an average attendance of just under 200.  If those numbers are correct then there are 23 million children and parents who could be given a Gospel tract this Halloween!  That’s a big number and handing out a Halloween Gospel tract at a trunk-or-treat is really simple.  Along with a piece of candy hand out the tract or a flier with information inviting them to visit your church.

Trunk or Treat tracts

Handing out Halloween Gospel tracts for Trick-or-Treat

The other opportunity for Christians is to distribute tracts for trick-or-treating.  Neighborhood kids knock on your door and along with candy hand out a Halloween Gospel tract.  Kids actually prefer the tracts because they are something different.  If the kids are younger, parents will usually go through the candy and see the tract.  That’s it, nothing hard or scary and you’ve just given a child and their parents the Word of God.  It’s now in God’s hands.  I do encourage you to pray silently for each child you come in contact with.

Halloween Gospel Tracts to consider

There are a lot of options available, from traditional Halloween Gospel tracts found at your local Christian bookstore to the more creative.  One of the things that attracted me to Memory Cross when Pastor Andy Lambert showed me the design was how creative it was so I’ve included our Halloween tracts for this year and also one from Let the Little Children Come.  They also share our passion for presenting the Gospel to kids in fun, creative ways.

How Do Memory Cross cards work?  Watch the video and find out

Halloween Gospel Tract – Take the Quiz



What could be better than free candy?



Super Hero Halloween Gospel Tract


Halloween Bible Tract that kids can color


Halloween Gospel Tract for kids


Each of these tracts has space to write a personal note or put the name of your church.  For orders of 500 or more, the name of your church can be printed on the card.  For more information visit our website.

Pumpkin candy holder for Halloween

Pumpkin Halloween Tract

This creative Halloween Gospel tract shares God’s love for children while holding their candy.  For more information visit their site.

Do you have a favorite Halloween tract?  Be sure to share it in the comments box.


Trunk or Treat Ideas for 2017

Trunk or Treat Ideas for 2017

Trunk or treat has grown in popularity as churches have found it a very effective way to reach out to the community.Trunk or Treat Ideas 2016  Here are a few ideas that will help make your Trunk or Treat more fun and effective.

Plan Ahead.  Determine how many cars you need and get people to sign up ahead of time.  If more people show up that will be great, but you don’t want to run out of treats and you don’t want the parking lot half empty.

Get as many people involved as possible.  Most trunk or treats were started by youth groups or the children’s ministry but to make it as successful as possible encourage other groups to get involved.

Have live music.  Get your praise band or members of the choir to put some music together.  A concert will encourage people to hang around.

Use a Nintendo Wii or Xbox, projector and screen, and a dance game.  Kids will enjoy imitating the dancers on the screen.  I could not find any Christian Dance games for the Wii, but here is the dance revolution bundle on Amazon. If you use it preview the music first.  There will be some that are not appropriate for a Trunk or Treat.  If you know of a Christian dance program for the Wii or Xbox put it in the comments box.

Serve food.  Hamburgers, hot dogs, and pizza are a good choice because you can quickly cook more if your crowds are larger than you expected.

Include games.  They don’t have to be games specifically for Halloween, just something the kids will love playing.

Have a craft area.  Many kids enjoy creating something and a craft area makes a nice addition to most trunk or treat festivals.  Memory Cross has created two coloring cards for trunk or treat that can be colored and embellished with stickers but also lets the children know about God’s gift.

Have a welcome table.  Use it to let people know what is going on and costs if any.  Make up a flyer in advance that tells them something about the church and the activities that are coming up.  If you have another event coming up print up tickets that and put a complimentary pass on it, good for the whole family.  Even if you are not charging for the event it is a great way to encourage them to come back and visit.

Show a movie.  Look for one that is around an hour.  Usually, kids have school so getting them to stay for 2-3 hours may not work.

Have a pumpkin decorating table – If your church is also selling pumpkins set up a table with the mini pumpkins, I believe they are called Jack Be Littlekids-decorating-pumpkins pumpkins, paint, markers and stickers and let the kids decorate the pumpkins.  Kids love this activity.  If your church is not selling pumpkins you can buy them for around $1.00 each and probably work out a discount on a large quantity.

Collect email addresses.  Have a prominent sign up where parents can put their email to find out about other things going on at the church.  Have a check box that lists categories they might be interested in such as worship, children’s activities, scouts, daycare etc.

Share the Gospel.  Hand out a Christian trunk or treat tract that ties the candy into the great gift that God is offering all of us along with a flyer that lists activities that parents might be interested in.

Promote, Promote, Promote.  Create flyers and posters to put up around your community.  Send an announcement to local radio and TV stations and newspapers.  Post on Facebook and online communities.  Send a flyer home with the children of your church and ask them to invite a friend.  If you have daycare at your church send a flyer home with each child.

If you have other suggestions let us know.  We always appreciate the comments.

Shop Memory Cross Halloween Tracts on Amazon

New Halloween Gospel Tract for Children

After researching available Halloween Gospel tracts for children we decided to create one more.  Our goal was to create something that both kids and adults found fun and that shared a little of God’s Word.  We also left space on the last panel for a personal note or room to write in the name of a church.

New Halloween Gospel Tract for Kids

The Halloween Gospel tract has four panels.  The first panel challenges them to take a quiz.  When found in a bag full of candy who is not going to open it to at least look at the next panel.

Halloween Gospel Tract trunk or treat

On panel two we came up with five questions.  The first three are about Halloween.  Q1 – When did kids start trick-or-treating? 1975, 1900, 1600.  Q2 – How many miles of Candy Corn are sold? 10,000, 50,000 or 100,000 miles?  Q3 – How many pounds of candy are bought at Halloween? 10 million, 100 million or 600 million pounds.  The next two questions start a transition to the Scriptures:  Q4 – How many hairs are on your head 5,000, 50,000 or 100,000?  Q5 – How much DNA is in your body?  1 mile, 1 million miles or 10 billion miles?

Halloween Gospel Tract for Kids Panel 2

Panel 3 provides the answers:  Q1 – Kids first started trick or treating around 1600.  Q2 – 105,000 miles of Candy Corn are sold each year.  Enough to go around the world 4.25 times.  Q3 – 600 million pounds of candy are bought each year during Halloween.  That is a crazy number!  We need a movement to hand out healthy snacks, but I digress.  Q4 – The average person has between 100,000 and 150,000 hairs on their head.  The number depends on the color of your hair.  Q5 – You have 10 billion miles of DNA in your body, over 1 trillion cells.  If it was stretched out there would be enough to go to the sun and back 61 times.  That is a crazy number and I did find several different numbers but the most reliable websites used this number or something very close.

You started from two cells, one from your dad and one from your mom with half your dad’s DNA and half your moms.  The two cells joined together and started to follow the unique DNA code that is you.  They multiplied, created cells that make your hands, eyes, ears, hair…  Finally creating 1 trillion cells.  To me, that is a miracle made by God,

Halloween Gospel Tract for Children panel 3

The card ends on panel 4, before folding back to panel 1 to start again.  Panel 4 of this Christian Halloween tract says: You are a miracle and loved by God and then goes onto share two verses:   John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” and Psalm 139:15 “thank you for making me so wonderfully complex!  Your workmanship is marvelous – how well I know it.”

There is space to write a personal note or put in the name of your church.  Finally, there is a link to our site if they would like to know more about developing a relationship with Jesus.  On that page, we share a couple videos and link to a site created by The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

Halloween Gospel Tract for Children panel 4


This Halloween Gospel Tract for children is available in packs of 24.  More information can be found by clicking on this link.  If ordered before September 25th it can also be customized with your church’s name or message with a minimum order of 500 pieces.  Click here for more information.

Halloween is really a unique time.  Kids come knocking on your door or visit a trunk or treat, looking for something sweet.  Along with the candy give them something that could possibly change their lives forever.  You never know how God’s Word is going to impact someone’s life.  The video below shows how one small act of giving a Gospel tract changed this couples lives and the lives of those they knew.

Memory Cross also makes a number of other Halloween tracts for kids that can be found on our website.  Love to hear your comments about this new Halloween Gospel Tract.



Top 7 Trunk or Treat Ideas

This year there are more churches than ever holding Trunk or Treats so I decided to put together 7 ways a church could reach children who attend their trunk or treat with the Gospel.

Mike’s Top 7  Trunk or Treat Ideas for Sharing the Gospel:top-7-Trunk-or-treat-ideas

  1. Have several cars hand out Christian tracts.  They need to tell the Gospel story but also something that children love.  At Memory Cross we have created tracts for trunk or treat that are available on our website, but other companies have also created tracts that you can us.
  2. Consider handing out a Christian children’s book.  This can get pricy if you have hundreds of kids but talk to your Christian bookstore.  They will often cut a deal on a large order.
  3. Hand out information on your church, worship services and other activities that children or parents might be interested in.
  4. Set up a mini movie theater and show a short Christian video.  There are several at I Am Second including Bailee Madison and Bethany Hamilton.
  5. Have plenty of adult volunteers around with name tags that are available to answer any questions that children or adults might have.
  6. Have your praise band play Christian Music.
  7. Have a welcome table set up where parents can register their kids.  Ask parents for their email address so you can keep in touch with them about upcoming events.

Remember the children and adults are there to have a good time so sharing the Gospel needs to be incorporated into the strategy.  Your goal should be to convince them to come back and visit your church at other times and give them a few things that they’ll value that also share the Gospel.

Memory Cross has created a number of Halloween Tracts for Trick or Treat and Trunk or Treat.    We’ve put together a video that shows how our cards work.

They may be purchased from our store.

If you have other trunk or treat ideas, post them below.

Halloween Gospel Tracts

Halloween Gospel Tracts – Fun Tracts that Kids Prefer to Candy

Halloween has become one of the best times to reach children with the Gospel and Halloween Gospel tracts are one of the most effective ways to put the Gospel in children’s hands.  There are an estimated 41 million children that will trick or treat this year.

Memory Cross has created fun Halloween Gospel Tracts that children prefer Halloween Gospel Tractsto candy.  Each card has four panels and creates an infinite loop, making it one of the most creative Halloween Gospel Tracts on the market.  Watch the video to see how it works.  Children and their parents find this card amazing which means they’ll keep it.  The design captures their attention and they’ll fold it multiple times trying to figure out how it works and as they do they’ll read the salvation message on the Halloween tract and since parents look over what their kids receive they’ll take a look at the Halloween tract also.

Besides giving God’s plan of salvation most cards also have a place on the back to invite the parents to visit your church.

Here are what a few people have said about Memory Cross Halloween Gospel Tracts:

  • “Love this product! Our church does “Trunk & Treat” in the fall, kids were so excited to receive candy but took time to look at the Memory Cross that I handed out.” – Penny Ott
  • “We used the Memory Cross Halloween cards for our Trunk or Treat. When we use regular tracks for children they would often get thrown away without being read. This gets children to want to look at them and read them.” – Tina Baughman
  • “I’ve used many tracts to spread the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. I have found this to be an incredible tool.” – Constance Revels
  • “Memory Cross has the most creative tracts that I have ever seen.” – Holly B
  • “Your Memory Cross ministry is so over the top, I can’t even explain the powerful tool your cards are.” – Brenda
  • “Our church has experimented with tracts in the past at various children’s outreach events. Most of them get tossed aside and never read. The one tract that seems to captivate the attention of the kids (and parents) is the Halloween Memory Cross card. It is creative, innovative, and most of all biblically sound and gospel-centered. I want Christians to realize the treasure they have in this product for child evangelism. There is nothing better.”- Derek Combs Pastor Jessieville First Baptist Church

Halloween Gospel Tracts for Children

At Memory Cross, we are committed to helping you reach children with the Gospel through Scripture memory cards, Bible story cards and Gospel tracts for kids.  Our Halloween tracts for children compare the gift of candy to God’s gift of salvation.  They are fun, creative and positive.  On the back panel, they have space where you can write the name of your church or a personal message.  Memory Cross Halloween Gospel Tracts can be given to your trick or treaters, handed out at a trunk or treat at your church or used as a craft activity.

If you would like to receive a free sample just click the link below.  You’ll only pay $3.00 for shipping and handling.  Besides Halloween Gospel Tracts Memory Cross makes Crafts for Sunday School, Christian Tracts and Bible Memorization cards, each using the four-panel design that never stops folding.  If you would like to see all the cards we produce visit our store today.  We also have added an Amazon store.  If you prefer to shop there click on the following link:  Halloween Tracts.

The video below shows how this card folds.  Below are a few of our most popular Halloween Gospel Tracts for kids.  Click this link to visit our store and see all the Halloween Gospel tracts available.

Other Resources you might be interested in.

How Halloween Can Increase Attendance Church

How to Use Halloween to Increase Attendance at Your Church

Here is a simple and inexpensive way to invite a lots of people to visit your church this fall.  Create a flyer that lists everything going on related to children’s ministry and ask members to give it to their trick or treaters along with candy.  That’s it.  It does not have to be anything fancy.  Something put together with your word processing program and run on a copier will work.

What makes it so effective?

  • First very few churches are doing this so you won’t be cluttering up the kid’s trick or treat bags.Halloween Increase Attendance Church
  • Every parent will look at it as they go though their kid’s candy
  • The cost is cheap.  You are not paying postage and there is no requirement on the kind of paper it needs to be printed on
  • The number of children that you can reach can be significant.  As an example suppose you have 100 members who are willing to hand out flyers and on average they give out 20.  You just invited 2,000 kids to your church!  How many times a year do you reach this many kids outside the church?  Plug in your own numbers to see how many children you can potentially reach.

If you decide to try it here are a few suggestions to make your flyer as effective as possible.

  • Make the heading as powerful as you can.  Write several potential headings and ask people to tell you which they like best.  Remember to write it based on a parent who has young children and is NOT presently going to  church.  This is who will receive most of the flyers.  If your heading is not strong they will pitch it.  You have about 2 seconds to capture their attention so keep it short and powerful.
  • Highlight or emphasize key points.  This could be benefits or things the children might be interested in at church.
  • If your church has a preschool or after-school program include this information.  They may not be ready to visit your church but may be interested in your preschool or after-school program.
  • Make the flyer kid friendly and keep it short.  I recommend a half page which is 5.5 x 8.5.  If you are printing in color use bright colors.
  • Include a couple testimonials from members with children.  This can be the most powerful thing on the flyer.  Include their pictures if possible.
  • Include the church website and if you have a video with reasons parents should take their children to your church include that.
  • Add a QR code on your flyer.  Over 50% of smart phones are now equipped with a QR code reader.  If your video is on YouTube then it is probably already mobile enabled.  I recommend sending them to webpage that includes a video.  You can create a QR code for free at this site.
  • Review the flyer for the following:  spelling, readability, persuasion to take action, and that it is written from a non church member standpoint.
  • Remember you are not selling.  You want people to read the flyer and say: “wow I want to check this church out.  My kids and I could benefit from becoming involved there.”

You’ll find this to be an effective way use Halloween to increase attendance at your church.  If you have any other ideas or suggestions, post them in the comment section.

Halloween Evangelism Tracts for Children

Halloween is just around the corner and it can be the single largest evangelistic outreach for Christians in America.  What other day of the year do are there millions of children knocking on the door of Christians asking for a treat?  Statistics I found say there are 41 million trick or treaters between the age of 5 and 14 and 1.1 billion pounds of candy given away.Halloween Evangelism Tracts

What do you think the odds that those 41 million kids knock on at least one follower of Jesus?  What if that one follower gave them a Halloween Evangelism track that also invited parents to visit their church?  A recent study found that 82% of unchurched would consider visiting a church if invited.  This same study found that 98% of church members never invited even one person in a given year.

That could easily be changed at Halloween.  During every day of the year except Halloween Christians would have to be proactive to share their faith, which a lot of people are uncomfortable with, but during Halloween kids ask you for something.  Go ahead and buy some of the 1.1 billion pounds of candy but also give them a Halloween evangelism tract or an invitation to visit your church.

Some will respond.  If the number that responded is 1% that would be 410,000 families either visiting church or responding to the Gospel.  When Abraham was pleading for Sodom he asked God if he would spare the city for 50 people, finally saying he would not destroy the city for the sake of 10.  If Christians united in their desire to reach the lost at Halloween and only 210,000 people were saved is that worth the effort and expense?  Suppose only 105,000 respond?  What if the number is 52,500?  What if only 26,250?

Jesus last commandment found in all four Gospels is “Go and make disciples of all nations” – Matthew 28:19.  Let’s take advantage of the opportunity which Halloween offers us.

There are many Halloween evangelism tracts already printed and ready to buy.  A few even have a spot to include your church’s name and information.  Here is a link to some of the Halloween Gospel tracts available:

Halloween Gospel Tracts

  • Amazon – If you already shop on Amazon and if you are a Prime member you can find hundreds of Halloween Gospel tracts with free shipping.
  • Christian Book – They have a wide selection of Halloween evangelism tracts from a variety of companies.
  • Memory Cross – Origami Halloween tracts, many with room to put your church information.  See the video below that shows how each tract works.
  • Let the Little Children Come – I’m a big believer in making Gospel tracts creative because they capture attention and are far more likely to be read.  I think Memory Cross cards are the most creative, but then I work there.  The other company that incorporates the creative use of paper to share the Gospel with children is Let the Little Children Come.  Be sure to check out their products.
  • Crossway – While they don’t (as of this writing) have tracts specifically for Halloween they do have well written child friendly Gospel tracts.
  • Moments with the Book – They have the best selection of KJV tracts.  If you love that version check out their products.

The final option is to create a small card that tells what your church has for children and youth activities and invites the parents to visit.  It is more work, takes a longer lead time and is a little more expensive but is more effective.  Memory Cross can help you with the printing and design of your card.  The lead time is about two weeks.  Click here for more information.

If Jesus has changed your life and you want to share the Good News with others then Halloween is one of the most effective times of the year.  Simply drop a Halloween tract in with your candy and pray that God uses it to change lives.

I have included two videos below.  The first shows how each Memory Cross card folds and the second video is the story of someone whose life was changed because of a simple Gospel tract/invitation.