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Haitian Gospel Tracts

Haitian Gospel Tracts - Memory Cross
Via visahunter.com

Haitian Gospel Tracts – A Resource list

There are a lot of mission trips to Haiti so we decided to put together all the Haitian Gospel tracts we could find into one list with links.  Sharing the gospel is one of our responsibilities as God’s people. Since we have been saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ and we got our salvation at no cost, it would be really nice to be able to spread this wonderful message to others.  The future after death of the lost people depends upon our courage to teach and preach the gospel.

Some people do not share the gospel because they don’t know how to. This problem has long time been resolved; there are so many trainings and discipleship seminars now that we can join in order for us to learn how to evangelize. Most of these trainings are free; some are even made for our access online at no cost because this is what God wants us to do: be able to share the Good News to as many people as we can in every way we can. We thought of creating and sharing Haitian Gospel tracts and here is the reason why.

The Language in Haiti

Creole is the only language spoken and understood by all Haitians, and the majority speak Creole only. Yet, the language of instruction in schools is French. Schoolchildren are penalized for their use of Creole, even though the State’s national curriculum prescribes its use in primary schools and even though the Haitian Constitution states that “Creole and French are the official languages.’’ English, at this time isn’t considered a primary or a secondary language in Haiti which means that it can be quite difficult for us.

The challenge in sharing the good news

Sharing the gospel to Haitians can be a very challenging part for those who don’t know how to speak in Creole or French. This is why most missionaries to Haiti have seminars to Haiti’s culture and language before going for a missionary exposure in order for them to be able to communicate to the Haitians.

Haitian Gospel Tracts - Memory Cross
Via minachang.com

Sharing the gospel to the people in Haiti

Whether you’re a missionary or not, if you have a friend from Haiti or you are planning on visiting Haiti for a vacation or a mission trip, you can take that opportunity to tell the Haitians about Jesus and His love for them as well as His desire to save them from the condemnation of sin and eternity in the lake of fire. Thankfully, today, there are many organizations and Christian companies who want to make sure that the gospel is preached to the people in Haiti. There are so many resources we can run to in order to spread the gospel to the Haitians. Here are a few of the many we can use:

  • Haitian Creole Gospel tract for kids from Memory Cross

Memory cross has finished a simple yet very effective tool in sharing the gospel to the children in Haiti. The tract is designed using the panel design that never stop folding it captures the attention of children while presenting the Gospel in their native language. The tract is made for the children to be able to color or put stickers on it. This tract is one of the best resources to use in sharing the gospel to Haiti children.

  • Haitian Gospel tracts from Hope Missions

Hope Missions also has Gospel Tracts (4″x 6″ card stock) available in several languages: English, Spanish, Haitian, Creole, Dutch, Portuguese, and Romanian. We can use all of these in sharing the Gospel.

  • Creole Gospel Tracts for Adults

Gospeltracts.org has more gospel tracts options we can choose from for our adult targets. Bible Gospel Tracts are simple yet powerful and illustrative for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and so we wanted to make sure these are maximized especially for those made for Haitian’s native language.

  • Operation Somebody Cares distribution tracts

Another wonderfully made gospel tract specially created in Haitian Creole is available in their website that we can order and distribute during mission trips to Haiti. This is about a story of an unsaved man’s life after death. Many Haitian adults can relate to this story. This tract can be a very efficient tool to use in sharing the gospel.

  • Free downloadable tracts from Tracts.com

Tracts.com has a great witnessing tool that can be printed and distributed for pennies a piece and is readily available online. In order to reproduce, all you have to do is print side “A” on one side and side “B” on the opposite side of the same piece of paper. Fold the tracts so the front cover (the first panel of side “A”) is face up. That’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 – you can distribute them right away!

Haitians are known for being very hospitable. They love having visitors in their homes. This is very comforting for us to know especially if we’re planning to visit Haiti for a mission trip any time soon. Sharing the Gospel to them can be challenging, but knowing that they are very adaptable and open to visitors, we can be assured that Salvation can be easily accepted and that, with God’s help, they will understand the Gospel of the Grace of God and will accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

What a wonderful experience that will be! These Haitian Gospel tracts are just tools we can use: we have to leave the results to God and just do our part in spreading the Gospel. But there is no doubt that these tracts will be a great help for us in sharing the Good News of Salvation to the people of Haiti.

If you know of other Haitian Gospel tracts let us know by clicking the comment link at the top of the page.

Using Social Media to Share the Gospel

Using social media to share the Gospel
Via medicalnewstoday.com

Using Social Media to share the Gospel

Technology today, as we all know has done so many wonders and has become a great tool to help people. We have become more and more dependent to technology. Some of us use technology to study God’s word and search for interesting activity ideas for any church events we have. While technology continues to advance, sharing the gospel is way easier and the effects are more far-reaching than ever before. We can all agree that the opportunities to share the gospel grow with technology. With the blessings of modern technology and World Wide Web access, we can express gratitude and joy about God’s great plan for His children in a way that can be heard by anyone and can reach around the world. Isn’t that amazing?

Did you know that:

43% of the churches today say that social media is one of the most effective ways to communicate and engage with people?

And that 77% of people say that the church website was played an important part as to why they chose to go to church?

That number says so much about the great positive effects sharing the gospel using social media can give. Social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, blogging, etc.) is today’s additional way to share the good news since it is all about connecting with people and having conversations with them wherever they may be.

Many churches nowadays opt to using social media to share the Gospel due to the following reasons:

  1. To be able to reach more souls.

It’s a fact that a single post can easily go viral in just in a few minutes, that’s how powerful social media is. Say we’ve shared a gospel video presentation online that’s now being shared a thousand times over social media. We can only imagine the effect of this video to those who watch it. The gospel video may be seen just in time when someone was very depressed and is thinking of ending his/her life or someone who may have lost hope in life. Now because of that gospel he saw, he decided to instead come to God for repentance. What good news that would be! Anything is possible and we don’t know what miracle God can do using those gospel videos. Some churches continue to minister using the social media because there are lonely, isolated people in the world, and it provides a bridge to them so they can eventually take a step into a community of faith.

  1. To be an online church for others.

The internet reaches billions of people all over the world and many are not close enough to be in a church. Thankfully, these people can now find an online church that he can regularly attend services to or if he’s a newly converted believer, the social media can become his follow up as he starts learning more and more about God.

  1. To be an invitation tool.

Nowadays, people can be easily contacted via the social media. When we have an upcoming evangelistic meeting or crusade, the social media may serve as an easy invite tool for your friends who may be hurting and need Jesus. Furthermore, if you know they have already accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord but aren’t ready to step into the local church yet, the social media can be a great tool in order for us to follow up his salvation and making sure he understands the commitment he just made.


Although social media can have a great effect in our ministry, there are things that we still need to bear in mind when using it to reach the unreached:

  1. Social media supplements but not replaces.

It is inevitable that social media is indeed very beneficial to the church. It can transcend time and geography. What this means is that Sunday is no longer the only interaction you have with people since we can now continue to engage them daily online. However, we have to be careful because social media have also eliminated physical boundaries to the church’s mission. Our goal should be to turn online relationships into offline opportunities. Social media have so many uses for the church that help to create and enhance relationships.

  1. The value of physical interactions.

When you know someone who was saved via the social media who lives nearby, it is your responsibility to make sure to follow up that person. Social media will never replace face to face communication. Nowadays, unfortunately, instead of sharing a meal, a physical chat, or a much needed hug, many would rather share a message over Facebook, Skype or other social media sites. If unused properly, the social media may weaken the very idea that Jesus came in the flesh and touched people with his own hands. We should not forget the “sacramental value” of meeting together. The church is sometimes referred to as the “koinonia” (“fellowship” or “communion”) of the saints.

Social media is evolving in and continues to play an increasingly important role in hastening the work of salvation. I am in favor using social media to share the good news of salvation and I also agree to do online worship services and online follow up. However, social media should not be considered a substitute for physical attendance.

Social media’s pros and cons could be argued all day long. But in the end, it is the way that your church uses social media that counts. When something is used incorrectly, its main purpose goes in vain. Social media should be used with care.

At the end of the day, social media remains a “need” to the ministry. Nowadays, there are many lost souls who seek answers for their lives by going straight to internet search engines. If we don’t resort to using social media to share the Gospel, will they be able to find the truth? If not, what will they find? Who will help them? It would be irresponsible and selfish of churches to ignore the relevance that the internet plays in shaping today’s society. Social media are very effective tools for churches if they are used properly and constructively.

We wrote a blog post that has a number of resource links that can help you get started.

How is your church using social media to spread the Gospel?

Gospel Tracts: History, How They Work, and Why We Need Them

Evangelism began during the time of the Old Testament when prophets like Isaiah and Elijah were called by God to be his mouthpieces to speak his message. These were usually warnings, encouraging the people to repent and turn their back from sin to prevent the destruction that would fall upon them.

From reading the Old Testament, we understand that since the beginning of time, God has always wanted to reach out to his people and save them.

In the New Testament, evangelism continued and intensified. We know that the Plan of Salvation was ultimately fulfilled when Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose again after the third day. Through this, we now know for sure that Jesus is our Lord and Savior, the Messiah that hundreds of prophets during the Old Testament had anticipated.

Now, aside from repentance and punishment, evangelism today highlights Jesus Christ and the message of hope and salvation.

“Ready for Some Good News” Gospel Tract


A Brief History of Gospel Tracts:

A common method of evangelizing today is handing out gospel tracts. A gospel tract is simply a piece of paper that presents a message or the gospel. Now, would you believe that the first gospel tract was written by someone who was not a Christian?

It is believed that the inscription placed on Jesus’ cross, which read “Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews,” which was written by Pilate. Some consider this as the first gospel tract because of its message and because it is written in three languages, Aramaic, Latin and Greek, many understood it and were provided with a description of Jesus’ identity as a King but not of this world.

People contend that this inscription served the purpose of a gospel tract because some who have read it might have put their faith in Jesus. For example, the thief crucified beside Jesus recognized who he is and asked him for mercy. At that same moment, he received salvation.

Strictly speaking though, the use of what we consider today as gospel tracts could have originated as early as the 13th century, predating the development of the printing press and were used as persuasive religious material. They became popular during the Protestant Reformation, the most popular of which is “The Four Spiritual Laws” written by Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ.


How do we use Gospel Tracts?

Today, there are many different kinds of Christian tracts and Bible tracts. You can see many forms of gospel tracts ranging from simple ones that present a text form of the message and creative ones like the popular $1-million dollar bill and origami tracts. I even saw some electronic Bible tract apps, which are also great to use. They are presented in many unique ways that grab a person’s attention. For example, written on the dollar bill is an immensely big amount of money, $1,000,000. The origami tract, because of its very nature, makes the opening and reading of the tract irresistible.

While different, all of these Christian tracts operate on the same principle: to show people that all of us are sinful in nature, introduce Jesus to them, and show them what Salvation truly means.

There are no clear-cut rules on how we are supposed to use gospel tracts, but this article simply sums up two instances when we are encouraged to give out Christian tracts: “when you do not have the opportunity to have a conversation” and “when you want to leave a person with some follow up material.”

The first instance applies to when we have a brief meeting with people such as with those in the service industry like waiters and cashiers, during long commutes in the bus or even during plane flights, or even during long queues. Generally, these are instances that don’t allow you to have a deep conversation with the person involved.

On the other hand, the second instance describes moments when we have already shared the Gospel to someone but need to leave them follow-up material that they can peruse after you go. Even better, they can use the Bible tract that you left to evangelize to another person.


Do Christians today still need to use Gospel Tracts?

While many believe that relationship evangelism works best, the truth is that it is imprudent to discount any form of evangelism or proselytizing as ineffective and totally dismiss them. We do not know the hearts of most people, and sometimes, a single tract is all it takes for them to believe in Jesus and accept him as their Lord and Savior.

On the other hand, it is prudent to not leave any stone unturned and considering using all forms of evangelism that result to people hearing and understanding the message of Salvation. Because it is not possible for all of us to sit down with every person we meet to share the message in an in-depth manner, it is our belief that God can use Christian and Bible tracts in order to make the message be read by more people.

Passing out gospel tracts or even just leaving them in strategic places is also a test of faith for us Christians. Sometimes, when we spend a lot of time sharing the Gospel to another person, it can become about us and our ability to persuade. This should not be the case because the Gospel is not about us.

But when we give out tracts, particularly in situations that we can’t control, we are reminded that the Holy Spirit moves in people’s hearts even without our help. God can and will use these tools to show the people who he really is and his plan for us. Thus, we believe that Christians today still need to use and distribute gospel tracts.


If you don’t know where to begin, here is a list of major gospel tract suppliers:

  1. Memory Cross
  2. Crossway
  3. One Million Tracts
  4. Evangelical Tract Distributors
  5. Gospel Tracts.org
  6. Fellowship Tract League
  7. Liberty Gospel Tracts – KJV tracts only
  8. Moments with the Book
  9. Chick

We’ve also included a few videos of people sharing their faith using Gospel tracts.




Memory Cross tracts attract attention through their very unique design.  The video below shows how each Memory Cross card folds.  They are available in Gospel tracts for children, youth and adults, as Bible memory cards and as Bible story cards.  Take a moment and visit our store and if you would like a free sample click this link.  You’ll only pay $3.00 for shipping and handling.

Comments?  Other resources that we missed?  Let us know.

5 Great Easter Gospel Tracts

As Christians, we are expected to share the Gospel every day, but it is undeniably special to share the message of Salvation during Easter. Do you agree? I believe this is because during this holiday, the focus is on Jesus and on what he did when he went down to earth. Jesus died on the cross and resurrected and ultimately triumphed over evil, which are the essential components of the Gospel.

However, it is also easy to get caught up with the activities that go with Easter. After all, most Christians are expected to not only celebrate Easter but also conduct or attend activities at home and in church. But it is not impossible to share the Good News despite the busyness. On the contrary, we need to take advantage of the opportunity of meeting people during the occasion. I recommend you use Easter Gospel Tracts to share the message, and here are a few of the great tracts that you can use:

Easter Gospel Tracts

Easter Gospel Tracts
Image from crossway.org
  1. “He Arose” by Clyde Dennis

This is a classic tract that is simple and straightforward yet very sincere in delivering the Gospel. It begins by telling the Easter story – from Jesus’ death to the resurrection. Then, using Biblical passages, it explains the meaning of Jesus’ resurrection and what it should mean to every person.

The tract is available here.

Easter Gospel tracts
Image from crossway.org
  1. “The Hope of Easter”

Like the first tract, this Easter Gospel tract also tells the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection and explains what it means. However, it gives more focus to what we need to do in response. Do you accept or reject the truth? What is your decision?

The tract is available here.

Easter Gospel tracts
Image from tractleague,com
  1. “Six Little Words”

Reading the title of this tract alone piques anyone’s curiosity to know what these “six little words” are and why they are so important. Simply put, these are the six little words: Jesus lived. Jesus died. Jesus lives! The message inside the tract explains the relevance of these words.

The tract is available here.

Easter Gospel tracts
Image from crossway.org
  1. “What if there was no Resurrection?” by Dr. Charles Stanley

Yet another Easter Gospel tract that poses an interesting question is this tract. Have you ever asked yourself what would have happened if Jesus did not rise from the dead? Aside from addressing this question, this tract focuses on the truth about the Resurrection and challenges the reader to make a decision.

The tract is available here.

Easter Gospel tracts
Image from store.memorycross.com
  1. “What does the Cross really mean?” by Memory Cross

Finally, here in Memory Cross, we have a Gospel tract that delivers the message through a unique premise, which is by answering a simple question that many unbelievers and even believers may ask: What does the Cross really mean? By answering this question, the tract aims to give light to Jesus’ sacrifice, triumph, and what it means for us.

The tract is available here.


What are you planning to do on Easter? We hope sharing the Gospel is one of them!

Written by Marie Angeli Laxa.


About:  I am a writer, an essay instructor, and a work-at-home mother.  Most importantly, I am a woman who strives to follow Jesus and honor Him in everything I do. I am a sinner, and I make mistakes, and my salvation lies in Him.  My thoughts on life can be found on my blog:  Little pieces of Happy.

What makes an effective Gospel Tract?

As someone who is involved with Gospel tracts I think a lot about how to make an effective Gospel tract.  Here is what I think is important.

Effective Gospel Tract

  1. The most important factor in making an effective Gospel tract is they catch someone’s attention.  If  people do not read it what has been accomplished?  I was at the Division of Motor Vehicles recently and someone was handing out Gospel tracts.  Everyone took them and then proceeded to put them in the trash.  It was huge and folded out like a road map and was full of diagrams and copy.  If the Gospel tract does not draw enough interest for someone to read it are you really accomplishing anything?
  2. The second thing that makes an effective Gospel tract is that it presents the Gospel.  It does not need to present the plan of salvation, it can just be a verse or an encouraging word.
  3. Finally I think an effective Gospel tract should provide other resources if the reader wants to know more.

We try to incorporate these three elements into each Memory Cross tract that we design.  Our tracts use an origami four panel design that makes a never ending loop.  The design is what captures attention because the majority of people have not seen it and are fascinated by how it works.  That’s the attention getter, a really unique design.  Most of our tracts do not present the plan of salvation with a prayer but are positive messages that share a Scripture and lead the reader to other resources, whether a video or link to the web.  With more people having smartphones we’ve found QR codes to be an effective way to quickly provide the reader with more information.  I included a video at the end that shows how each Memory Cross folds.

In case you are wondering whether Gospel tracts change lives, take a moment and watch the video below.  It shows how a couple’s life was changed from one small tract.

Below is a sample of one that connects to the video below.  Panel 1 says: Whatever your past has been, you have a spotless future.  Panel 2 shares a verse from John 10:10  “Jesus said, I came so you can have real and eternal life, more and better than you ever dreamed of.” – Message.   Panel 3 says: I you feel like life is not everything you ever dreamed of then watch the video of Christian Hosoi.  He had everything: fame, money, power, women, yet nothing was enough.  He lost it all but in prison found life.  The final panel takes you to the video below.

Effective Gospel Tracts

How Memory Cross Tracts work

Here is the link to the Whatever your past has been, you have a spotless future tract.  If you have any favorite Gospel tracts post them in the box below.

The Roman Road to Salvation

Do you know the most powerful way to share the message of Salvation?Roman Road to Salvation

The Roman Road to Salvation is said to be one of the easiest and most powerful ways to illustrate the way to Heaven. Simply put, it is an effective way of explaining Salvation and its aspects using the verses from the Book of Romans in the New Testament.

It is important to remember that to powerfully explain Salvation, our message needs to cover all aspects. Otherwise, the person we’re sharing the message to may absorb an inaccurate version of it. To avoid this problem, the Roman Road to Salvation is the perfect method to use to explain this gift from God.

There are six aspects of Salvation that we need to cover, and here’s a guide to help you use the Roman Road to deliver the entire message accurately:

Roman Road

1. Romans 3:23 – Everyone sins; no person is truly innocent.

For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;

2. Romans 6:23 – And the consequence of sin is death.

For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

3. Romans 5:8 – But Jesus paid for our sins.

But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

4. Romans 10:9 – The Gift of Salvation is free for everyone who confesses and believes.

That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

5. Romans 10:13 – Salvation is available to everyone who calls Jesus their Lord and Savior.

For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

6. Romans 8:1 – There is no more condemnation in the Lord.

There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.


Salvation is both a simple and complicated gift, and it is very important to cover all its aspects. For example, while salvation is freely available to everyone, it can be attained only if we confess with our mouth and believe in our heart that Jesus is Lord (Romans 10:9). It is dangerous to understand an inaccurate version of Salvation, which is why I encourage everyone to use the Roman Road to Salvation.

You can choose to use your words alone to deliver the message or use tools like simple pen and paper or ready-made Roman Road tracts as visuals. We have Roman Road KJV tracts available in our store, and if you search the web, you can find printables such as this Roman Road guide by TeenMissions.org and a simpler ABC-guide also by TeenMissions.org. Here’s a simple visual to make the message of Salvation easier to grasp, while EastWest.org provides a clear infographic illustrating the Roman Road.

Memory Cross Roman Road to Salvation Tract
Roman Road to Salvation Tract by Memory Cross

After laying down the message of Salvation, say together a simple prayer of Salvation, which can go like this: God, I understand that I am a sinner and that the consequence of sin is death. But Jesus Christ saved me and took my place by dying on the cross as punishment for my sins. I believe Jesus Christ is my personal Lord and Savior, and through faith in him, I believe I am forgiven. Through your grace, I believe I am saved. Through your goodness, I am no longer condemned. Thank you, God, for the wonderful gift of Salvation! Amen!

Why use Gospel tracts to share your faith

I’ve been asked: “Mike, why use Gospel tracts to share my faith?”  Here are a few reasons why I use them.Why use Gospel Tracts

According to a study conducted by LifeWay Research in 2012 80 percent of those who attend church one or more times a month, believe they have a personal responsibility to share their faith, but 61 percent have not told another person about how to become a Christian in the previous six months.  Tracts can dramatically change those numbers and that is probably a good reason to use Gospel tracts.  You don’t always need to talk to someone to share your faith.  A well written Gospel tract will present God’s plan of salvation in a positive and encouraging way.  Gospel tracts can help start to a conversation or can be left where people are likely to pick them up.

Do you go out to eat at least once a week where a waiter or waitress is serving you?  Leave a Christian tract with your tip.  If you are not going to leave a decent tip, don’t leave the tract.  The standard tip is 15%.  When you leave the tract why not leave 20% along with the tract?  I did not mean to go off on tipping but my daughter is in her 20s and working as a waitress at a restaurant and there are way to many Christians who leave her no tip and a Gospel tract!  What kind of witness is that?  Waitresses work for $2.13 an hour plus tips so Christians let’s get with it and honor Christ.  If you cannot afford to leave a tip then don’t go out to eat!  Sorry to get side tracked but I’m going to leave it in this post.  If you are unable or unwilling to tip, don’t leave a message saying you are a representative of Christ.  Just eat at home or visit a fast food restaurant.

Do you fill up your car once a week?  Leave a tract at the Gas pump.   Several Memory Cross tracts are the size of a business card so they slide in the card reader and people will have to pull it out to put their card in.  My favorite one to leave is “Whatever your past has been, you have a spotless future.”  I decided to use it as my photo for this article.  I work at Memory Cross, which makes Gospel tracts so those are the ones I usually hand out.  Even if I did not work here I’d hand out Memory Cross tracts most of the time.  I like the origami design which gets attention and I like the modern, positive message.  Overall Jesus’ message was kind, loving and positive, except to the religious leaders who where exploiting God for their own purposes and I like to hand out the same message.  I also like that Memory Cross has a QR code on many of their tracts.  If you are not familiar with a QR code it is a barcode that can be read by your smartphone.  With so many people now carrying smartphones this is a way to connect printing to more information on the web.

Here is an example.  The images below are the Spotless future tract and the QR code links to the video.

Gospel Tract Spotless Future


Why use Gospel tracts to share your faith with the homeless

If you live in a metro area odds are pretty good you see people who are homeless at least once a week.  Here is an easy way to share the Gospel with them.  Go to your local dollar store and purchase basic supplies such as: tooth brush, tooth paste, deodorant, soap, healthy snacks, maybe a wash cloth and a $5 certificate to a local fast food restaurant or grocery store.  Put all these items in a gallon zip lock bag along with a handwritten note that says why you are doing this or use the Just Because tract by Memory Cross.  If you are writing a personal note let them know that God loves them and has a plan for their lives.  The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has a tract called Steps to Peace with God that I recommend (image below).

Steps to Peace with God folding card


I’ve only listed three ways to share your faith using Gospel tracts on this post but if you purchased gas and ate out once a week and handed a care bag out to a homeless once a month you would be sharing the Gospel 116 times in one year.  If you are still wondering why use Gospel tracts to share your faith, take a few minutes and watch the video below.


Here are a few places you can find Gospel tracts besides what Memory Cross offers.

  • Billy Graham Evangelistic Association – has a variety of tracts, pamphlets and books to help you share your faith.
  • American Tract Society – Now part of Crossway.   I’m pretty sure ATS has been the leader in Christian tracts in American for hundreds of years.  I visited their headquarters several years ago before the merger and their history is amazing.  A number of presidents have been on their board of advisors.  They still produce relevant tracts that change lives.
  • Fellowship Tract League is an outreach ministry of Fellowship Baptist Church in Lebanon, Ohio.   They have printed over 4 billion tracts and have them available in almost every language.  Tracts are free if you cannot afford to purchase them.  Their ministry is based on donations so if you can afford it please donate when you purchase tracts from them.
  • The Gospel tract Society also offers free tracts (They accept donations and please donate if you can).  They produce traditional Gospel tracts which you can see by visiting their website.

Memory Cross makes a variety of Gospel tracts in other language also:

I hope you can see why using Gospel tracts can be an effective way to share your Faith.  There are more ways to share your faith.  If you have a favorite be sure to post a comment below.

Spanish Gospel Tracts for Children, Youth and Adults

Memory Cross has developed a number of Spanish Gospel tracts that are available for children, youth and adults.  They are used on mission trips and domestically to reach people who speak Spanish.  Here is a list of each card currently Spanish Gospel Tractsavailable.

  • Spanish Gospel tracts for children – Spanish Easter coloring card.  This Spanish gospel tract presents Jesus’ death and resurrection and is designed for children ages 4 – 10.  It uses primarily images to convey the salvation message.
  • Spanish Gospel tracts – Jesus loves me starts with the birth of Jesus on panel 1 and then goes to Jesus at the temple when he was 12.  Panel 3 is based on Matthew 19: 14 “But Jesus said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.”  Panel 4 depicts how much Jesus loves you and wants to have a relationship with each of us.
  • Spanish Gospel tracts – Roman Road.  This tract uses scriptures from the book of Romans to lead children into a relationship with him.  Simple coloring card designed for children ages 5 – 12.
  • ABC plan of salvation tract in Spanish – This tract walks children through the ABCs of becoming a child of God.   Size is 3 3/8 x 3 3/8 so it is smaller than the three coloring cards above, which are 6 x 6.
  • Spanish Gospel tracts for kids – ABC Sport version.   This tract has the same wording as the Cruz 123 above but with a sports theme.
  • Spanish Gospel Tract – I am the Good Shepherd.   This Spanish coloring card Gospel tract talks about how Jesus is the Good Shepherd that wants to lead us into salvation.  Written in Spanish and English it engages children in multiple ways.  Kids can color the card and since most kids want to learn English it will help them learn the Scriptures on this card in English as well as Spanish.  It also makes it easier for people going on mission trips to explain since the English translation is right on the card.
  • Spanish Gospel tracts – John 3:16.  This is probably the best known verse in all the Bible.  We’ve translated it into Spanish.  Simple way to tell people about God’s love either domestically or on mission trips.
  • Spanish Christian tracts – What does the cross really mean?  Written by Pastor Andy Lambert this Spanish tract designed for youth and adults explains God’s plan of salvation  in Spanish.

Each Memory Cross card uses our unique design incorporating four panels into an endless loop fold.  The unique design captures attention of children and adults which means they will keep the tract and read it over and over again.  Many also allow children to decorate them which makes for a great craft activity.  If you have never seen how it folds, watch the video below.

Spanish Gospel Tracts Video – Watch how it folds

If you would like a sample of any of our Spanish Gospel tracts, click the link in the sidebar.   We’ll get them right out to you for free.  You pay only for the shipping.  Also check out our English tracts for children.

Evangelism ideas that work – Gospel Tracts

The number of ways to share the Gospel has exploded in recent years thanks to the internet.  Because of all the options we decided to take a look and find evangelism ideas that work.  We decided to break it up into a couple articles so it would not be so overwhelming, starting with print.Evangelism ideas that work

The idea of using the written word to share the Gospel goes back thousands of years.  The Bible was written over thousands of years and faithfully passed down from generation to generation.  Paul’s letters were designed to share the Gospel and instruct believers on living the life God called us to live.

Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press changed history including the way the Gospel was spread.  In 1455 Gutenberg completed the first printing of the Bible and history was changed.  As printing evolved the idea of printing Gospel tracts came into existence.  By the time America became a country Gospel tracts were common.  In fact The American Tract Society (founded 1825) at one time was the biggest printing company in the United States.  They had multiple presidents of the United States as board members.   Even with all the new technology, printed Gospel tracts are still an effective way to share the Gospel, which is why we included them in Evangelism ideas that work.

There are hundreds of organizations that are involved in producing Gospel tracts, from well known companies such as the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association to one person shops who feel led to share the Gospel through print.


Evangelism ideas that work – what makes an effective Gospel tract

Opinions will vary on this subject but here are mine:

  1. Effective Gospel tracts need to capture attention.  If they don’t then people won’t read them.  Studies have shown that 80% of Gospel tracts are are not read.  Gospel tract manufactures have looked to attention getting copy and images to grab attention.  This  concept follows traditional marketing ideas.  At Memory Cross we took a different approach and created an attention getting design.
  2. Effectively present the Gospel.  Most tracts are limited in copy so it is important they they convey the message in a short but effective way.   At Memory Cross in many cases we have used a QR code to connect the copy to videos or other content on the web which provides more information.  Other Memory Cross tracts leave room to write a personal note or invite people to church.
  3. Easy to carry around.  There are times when you might intentionally be handing out tracts but there are other times when an opportunity presents itself to witness.  If you are open and praying about reaching people with the Gospel God will open doors.  Memory Cross has a number of tracts that are the size of a business card so men and women can have them ready when an opportunity arrises.
  4. Effective Gospel tracts are designed to reach people.  If you are working with children the tract needs to be written and illustrated for children.  If you are going on a mission trip to a Spanish speaking country and teaching kids, the tract should be in their language and designed for their age.  We’ve developed Gospel tracts in varies languages written for children, youth and adults.  Many of the children’s tracts also can be colored which further engages children.
  5. Effective Gospel tracts should be something kids and adults want to keep and look at multiple times.  God can use any message to reach people, but the more interesting the Tract is the more likely people will hang onto it, which is one of the reasons we choose to design tracts using our never ending loop design.  People are much more likely to keep a Memory Cross tract just because it is so unique.

Here are a few other ideas on making print Evangelism ideas that work.

  1. Print up a business card that shares a scripture and invites people to your church.  Ask each person who attends worship to take 5 and pass them out to people they meet during the week.  A spin off on this idea is to print up a business card for an upcoming special event (trunk or treat, fall festival, Christmas or Easter events).  If you have 100 people attending your church and only 1/2 hand out the cards you’ve invited 250 people to your church next Sunday.  Get members in the habit of doing this and watch attendance explode (provided your church is a live, vibrant place to be where the Gospel is presented.)

Technology will continue to change the way people share their faith but Gospel tracts will continue to play an important part in helping share the Gospel.  Next article on Evangelism ideas that work:  Facebook.  With over 1 billion people on line and 750 million checking in a couple times a month it can be a powerful way to share the Gospel and grow a church.

Take a moment and check out all the Effective Evangelism ideas that work at Memory Cross.  We’ll even send you a free sample.  If you found this article helpful sign up to receive updates automatically to your inbox using the sign up box on the sidebar.  The video below shows how print is an evangelism idea that works.  I hope you enjoy watching it.

A Small Act of Love | John & Tara Dickinson

Creative Gospel Tracts

Memory Cross has created some of the most creative Gospel tracts available anywhere in the world.  That might be a bold claim but one that you’ll agree with when you watch the video below.  Each Memory Cross Christian tract is designed using four panels that make a never ending loop.  This design fascinates children, youth and adults in the United States and Gospel Tractsacross the world.

The idea for the design came from Andy Lambert who is a Pastor in the United Methodist church.  He was looking for an effective way to help children memorize Bible verses.  By coming up with something that captured their attention and broke the verse down into four sections he found children learned verses quickly.  It was not long before the idea came to use Memory Cross as witnessing tracts.  Since people were totally fascinated by the design Andy figured we already had their attention, so putting a positive, encouraging message of hope on the tract was the next logical step.

Other Christian organizations such as LifeWay and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association agreed and created their own version using the Memory Cross design.

Is this not one of the coolest ways to present the Gospel?  Many people don’t want a regular Gospel tract but they are excited to receive a Memory Cross tract.  Not only will they read it but they’ll show it to their friends as well.

  • We’ve developed Gospel tracts for children, youth and adults.  The kid’s tracts are available in two different formats:
  • Colorful tracts for kids that present the Gospel Tracts that allow children to color and decorate the card.  The size of this tract is 6 inches square and they are printed mostly in black and white which allows the kids to color them in.  These have become very popular for VBS and mission trips where people are ministering to children in other countries.  They are available in English, Spanish and Haitian Creole with various messages.

 Here are a few comments that we’ve received about our Gospel Tracts:

  • I am so glad you sell blanks so we can personalize them ourselves. The kids were amazed how a flat piece of paper could fold and change so many times! They were the highlight of our arts and crafts at Vacation Church School! Thanks for a great product we could personalize to fit our church’s needs. Krista Loucas- Sts. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Richmond, VA
  • Memory Crosses hit Santa Maria de Jesus, Guatemala. What a blessing to be able to share the story of the life of Jesus with this amazing craft! a HUGE hit! – Lisa Keller
  • We just got these to take to Guatemala. These tracts are wonderful and we cant wait to pass them out!
  • Kids thought they were really cool! Thank you! What a great idea!  – Sally Doyle

Jesus called each of us to go and make disciples.  The first step is telling them about the Gospel.  We wanted to create Gospel tracts that people appreciated receiving, witnessing tracts that people felt comfortable to hand out and that had Biblically based and inspiring messages, written in a language that today’s children, youth and adults understand.  Many of our newer tracts have a QR code (barcode that smart phones can read that link to the web) that will send people to the web for more information along with videos.  Smartphones are exploding and it only made sense to not limit God’s Word to what could be printed on the tract.  The tract might get their attention and they’ll visit the website where we’ve put up powerful videos that inspire people to draw into a relationship with Him.

For more information about our Gospel tracts for children, youth or adults visit our store today.  There you can request a free sample and see for yourself why this card is such a powerful witnessing tool.