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Trunk or Treat Planning Guide

Trunk or Treat planning guide for 2017

If your church is having a trunk or treat, this trunk or treat planning guide provides valuable information on promoting, planning and other tips that can make it successful.

trunk or treat planning guide

Step one – define your goals.  This may sound simple but it is an important step most people don’t think about.  Are you hosting the trunk-or-treat only for children at your church, plus any friends that they may invite or are you opening it up to the community and making it an outreach event?  What is your budget and how will it be allocated?  If you are trying to keep it small, only for the children who go to your church the planning becomes much easier.  You know about how many kids to expect, depending on the weather and you don’t have to worry about any outreach activities.  I’m going to provide my insights and suggestions assuming that your church is going to use this as an outreach and invite the community, which can be a much bigger task.

One of the biggest unknowns is how many kids will show up.  The weather is a big factor and you don’t know until the last week or maybe even later.  That is why I recommend creating two plans.  The first one is for the number of kids you expect to show up and the other plan is what happens if there are twice as many kids. Last year in North Carolina the weather was amazing on Sunday evening.  All the churches I know of had double or even triple the number of kids they planned for.  That can create a bad experience for everyone as you can quickly run out of candy and food.

Our church collected candy and treats beforehand and also asked adults who were participating to bring candy.  That gave us a backup supply, which we totally used up and still had to send people out to the store to buy more.  We were expecting a couple hundred kids and because of the weather, we had almost 1,000.  We did run out of candy and food but it was towards the end of the event.  Overall people enjoyed themselves but unfortunately, that was not true for all the trunk or treats in our area.  Not planning for a record number of people can leave a bad taste in visitors minds.

Step two of our trunk or treat planning guide – promoting your trunk or treat.  I’ve written several articles about how to promote an event so I’m just going to go over the basics and link to the other articles if you want more details.  The first is internal promotions such as announcements in the church bulletin and the newsletter.  If you have a pre-school or after school make sure they receive an invitation.  Create a ticket to the event and give a couple to each child in church, preschool and after school.

External promotions – There are a number of external promotions available.  I’ll list a few of my favorite ones here.

  • Facebook – 90% of the people who live around your church are on Facebook and log in every day.   If your church has a Facebook Page creating an ad is simple, cost effective and efficient.  You’ll need a picture of kids dressed up.  Don’t put any copy on the picture.  Facebook does not like any words on the pictures and will reject your ad if there are more than 25% words.  If you have a video or can create one, even better because Facebook likes videos and you’ll reach more people at less cost.  Click here to go to Facebook’s Ad platform.  Create an ad promoting an event and choose the people you want to reach.  There are a lot of options but pick people who have kids in the age group you want to invite who live within a couple miles of your church.  Keep the copy simple:  Invitation to the event and the details.  You can send them to your page to RSVP which will help with planning.   Here is a link to a previous article on using Facebook that has more details.
  • Post event on Craig’s List.  It is easy, free and a lot of people still visit Craig’s List.
  • Posters up around local establishments.  They won’t get the views that Facebook will but you’ll still reach people
  • If you created a ticket look into handing them out at school functions or other community activities
  • Local newspaper and radio.  They may promote your community event for free.  I don’t recommend running an ad though.
  • For more ideas on getting the word out click here.

Why are you holding a trunk or treat?

There can be lots of reasons you want to hold a trunk or treat: fun, safe event for kids, community outreach, etc., but in my opinion, there is only one primary reason and that is to bring children and adults into a relationship with Jesus.  How does a trunk or treat accomplish that?  It can be a door opener.  If you are able to funnel everyone through a couple openings before they enter your trunk or treat you can provide a sign-up sheet where the parents can get more information about what is going on at the church.  A sign and an email sign-up list (optional) can be a great way to start connecting.   Plan to pass out information on other activities going on at the church.

If you don’t have one central place where people go through to get into your trunk or treat you can give one car information to pass out about what is going on at the church and a couple more can be sign up stations to collect email addresses.

Hand out Gospel Tracts and other reminders that God loves them and has a plan for their lives.

Only a small portion of kids and parents will decide to join the church and hopefully, come into a relationship with Jesus.  Gospel tracts are a way to put God’s Word into every child that visits your Trunk or Treat.  Memory Cross has several that you might want to consider.  They are, creative, fun and effective at presenting the Gospel.  If you would like to order a free sample, click here.


What activities to include for trunk or treat

Here are a few things that have been popular at other trunk or treats.  The list depends on your budget, space, and resources of your members.  These would be in addition to decorating the trunk of a car, SUV or pickup.

  • Provide food and drink either no charge or at cost.  If you have an outdoor shelter or can set up picnic tables and have the equipment to cook hamburgers, hot dogs or pizza, providing food can be a great addition.
  • Live entertainment – have a praise band or other musical talent at the church?  Check into having them perform at your trunk or treat.
  • Is your event going on at sundown?  Consider adding a movie.  I’ve seen mixed results because many parents want to get their kids home and ready for school, but if your event is being held on Friday or Saturday I’ve seen the movie be very successful.
  • Games and blow-ups.  Kids love those giant blow-ups and adding some will continue to engage children after they have gone through the trunk or treat.  If cost is an issue see if a local business would be willing to sponsor one of the blow-ups.  Add their name to the ticket and maybe even some information on the back.
  • Hayride – you need the right equipment and probably be in a country setting but a hayride can be something that draws children to your trunk or treat.
  • Pumpkin drawing – Jack Be Little pumpkins or Baby Boo pumpkins are usually available for $1.00 or less and make a great craft activity for children.  A free option would be to allow children to color a Bible Halloween page such as this one from Ministry to Children.

Following up

Your event was a smashing success, congratulations!  One more thing you don’t want to forget.  If you collected email addresses enter them into your email account.  (I use Mailchimp).  Send them out an email thanking them for coming and letting them know about programs going on at the church for children and adults.  You should send out emails once a week with what is happing, at least for the first month.  It takes time to get people into the habit of visiting your church so don’t give up.  It can be a life-changing experience as you can see by watching the video.  Don’t give up,  Keep the outreach going.  God will use you to touch others.

I’ve tried to make this a fairly complete Trunk or Treat planning guide but if you have anything to suggest, write down your comments.

How Facebook can help churches reach their community

This article will show you how Facebook can help your church reach more people at a very reasonable cost.  There are three ways that Facebook can help you reach your community this Easter:

  • Posts that you make on your Fanpage.
  • Promoted posts on your page.
  • Facebook ads

Posts to your Fanpage.

How Facebook can help churches reach their communities

Unfortunately, the reach of most posts from Fanpages are not as effective as they once were, but churches are in a unique position to increase the reach of their posts.  I say this because most people who belong to your Facebook Fanpage are more connected to your page than any other Facebook page.  Many attend church on a regular basis and are active in the church.

Here is how Facebook can help churches reach their community.  Ask members to like or repost what is put up on your church’s Facebook page.  This is important because when they repost something then all of their friends could see it, which exponentially increases the reach.  Put something in the bulletin, make an announcement, post it on Facebook.  Here is the basic message.

We want to increase our outreach and we need your help.  Through Facebook we can reach a lot of people but here is what we need you to do.

  1. Share posts about events for by reposting or liking the post.

If you do this Facebook will increase the exposure of our posts and help us reach more people, plus when you share a post with your friends, many of them will see it.  If your members do this you will see the number of people reached through your church’s Fanpage go up dramatically.

Promote posts on your church Facebook page.

Facebook Ad

This is going to cost money but you’ll be surprised at how little you will need to spend.  Here are the steps:

Write a post.   You will see a little box that says boost post in the bottom right corner.  (You need to be an administrator on the Fanpage for this the work.)  Click it and you will get a little pop-up box.  The first choice is who to target.  Select the people you want to reach and the city.  You will have an option to select a radius.  Your next option is to select age, gender, and interests.  While you can do some really interesting things with these options I would select the age and leave the rest blank.

Set your budget and click the more button to select how long you want the ad to run.  If you don’t select anything Facebook will run the ad until they spend your money.

What to post

Videos will get the most engagement.  They don’t have to be professionally done, long or complex.  It is better to post 2-4 short videos each month than spend a lot of effort on one.  Possible videos include information on children’s ministry, message for the week, youth activities, adult Bible studies.  Animoto is what we use to create videos.  It is super easy and you can create a really nice video in a few minutes.  Click here for more information.

Creating a Facebook Ad

The promoted posts will show up in people’s news feeds while the ad will show up both in the news feeds and on the right-hand side of Facebook.  You have more options on targeting with Facebook ads.  Here are the steps:

  1. Start by clicking on this link.  You will be taken to their advertising page.
  2. Click on the button to get started, probably located in the top right-hand corner.  You’ll be given several options:  page post engagement (promoting an existing post), Facebook likes, clicks to website, website conversions and a couple more than are probably not applicable.
  3. Next, you will be taken to your Facebook Fanpages.  Note:  You have to be an administrator on the page.  If no pages are showing up you need to pass this site onto the person who is an administrator or have yourself added as an administrator.  Now you have a series of options.  The first is to upload images.  Think about this step carefully.  The images are the number one reason people will click your link.   The most effective images are going to be people enjoying whatever it is you are promoting.  If it is your Easter services, then a picture of people worshiping, members of your church, not stock photography.  If you are promoting an Easter Egg hunt, pictures of kids from last year’s hunt would be awesome.  A picture of your church with people around it might also be effective.  The pixel size should be 600 x 225 and you can upload multiple images which help keep the ad fresh.
  4. After the images, you can write you headline (which is the second most important element) and then the copy.  You can then choose where you want to send people.  Options will vary depending on the type of ad you selected.
  5. Select the city and radius you want to target.  There are a number of other demographics available.  For maximum reach, I recommend leaving those blank unless you are targeting a specific group (Spanish speaking, particular college, age group, etc).  For an Easter promotion you are trying to reach as many people around your church as possible.
  6. Facebook will tell you how many people you can potentially reach.  I selected High Point, North Carolina ages 13 and no max, no interest and have 98,000 potential people that the ad will be shown to.  When I selected kids ages 13 – 17 I ended up with 5,200.
  7. You are just about done.  Select how much you want to spend per day and when you want the ad to stop running (very important.  If you don’t select an end date Facebook will be happy to spend your budget forever).  Now click the submit button and wait for Facebook to approve your ad, which normally takes a couple hours.

A couple closing points.  You should run your ad for a couple weeks max and then change it up.  You will notice engagement starts high and then goes down as people start ignoring the ad.  By changing copy or photos you will re-engage with your audience.  Second thing just like with any traditional media consistency will pay off.   The more people see what is going on at your church the more will be likely to check it out so don’t stop when Easter is over.  The good thing about Facebook is you can see exactly how many people engaged with your ad which is something you never know using traditional media.  The cost is reasonable and you can set your own budget.  Only have $25 a month to advertise?  Facebook can use that to reach people.

If you would like help, click the chat button.  If you know of other effective ways to use Facebook to reach your community, post it below.

Finally, I wanted to mention that Memory Cross has a lot of really cool cards that help children understand how much God cares for them.  I put a video below so you can see how it works.  Visit our store for more information.

Have friends that are pastors or work in a church?  Consider passing this onto to them.  This strategy will work for more than Easter.  You can use this every week to start engaging with more people in your community.  Actually, I recommend that you use this strategy on a regular basis.  For a couple hundred dollars a month you’ll be able to reach a lot of your community.

Easter Crafts that share the Gospel Story with children

Why Gospel Tracts by Memory Cross are still effective

If you’ve wondered if Gospel tracts are an effective way to share God’s Word, I’ll answer that in this post.  The majority of Christians believe that they are called to share the Good News, yet most never do.  That is why Memory Cross Gospel tracts are an effective way to start a conversation about your faith.

Sometimes there is no opportunity for a conversation.  Since Americans eat out a lot one opportunity is with our servers.  In some restaurants, I know our server while in others it is the first time I’m eating there and they are really busy, so there is little interaction.

Isaiah 55:11 says: “so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.”  Handing out Gospel tracts is like planting seeds; you won’t see immediate results, but that does not mean they are not effective.

The tracts we create at Memory Cross Gospel present the positive message that Jesus loves them in a creative package that they’ll not only enjoy receiving but will share with their friends.  The video below is one of the tracts we’ve designed especially for servers.

Are Gospel Tracts still effective?

Is God’s Word still effective?  Isaiah 55:11 says: “It is the same with my word. I send it out, and it always produces fruit. It will accomplish all I want it to, and it will prosper everywhere I send it.” NLT.  Most Gospel tracts contain Scripture so I’d say yes, they are still effective, although some are more effective than others and some are targeted toward reaching a specific group of people.

Here at Memory Cross, we try our best with each tract to let people know that God loves them and has a plan for their lives.  Since smart phones are so prevalent now we also include a QR code or website for people who want to know more about a relationship with Him.

The video below is the true story of a couple whose lives were changed from receiving a simple Gospel tract.

I received this email from Kathy Yanchick: “Another praise for how God is using your materials….. I use the ” thank you …your service was awesome” cards … all of the time.  This past week the waitress tracked me down as I was going out the door and said how timely Jeremiah 29:11 was for her that day.  Her husband had asked her for a separation….and that morning Jeremiah 29:11 had been the verse that she had been thinking about…then to receive it in your card was an extra encouragement.

Only in Heaven will we know how far reaching each piece of material has been used!
Blessings as you continue serving Him! – Kathy Yanchick


Visit our store for to see the other tracts that are available.

Child Evangelism Tracts In English, Spanish and Haitian-Creole

Memory Cross has a number of child evangelism tracts in English and Spanish.  Each Gospel tract features a unique four-panel fold that makes a never ending loop.  The video below shows how every Memory Cross tract folds.

ABC Plan of Salvation Evangelism Tracts for Children 

This Gospel tract for children is designed to walk kids through the ABCs of becoming a Christian and is available in English and Spanish. It presents the Gospel in a fun, creative and relevant way that children understand using an origami design that makes an endless loop.

The copy for child evangelism tracts:

Panel 1: Admit to God that you are a sinner. Believe that Jesus is the Son of God and C – Choose to follow Jesus.

Panel 2: Uses John 3:16 – For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, so that whoever believes in Him shall not parish but have eternal life. It finishes with Anyone who chooses to follow Jesus can be saved.

Panel 3: Only you know if you are ready to become a Christian. When you are ready pray a prayer like the one on the next panel. Believe it with all of your heart and Jesus will never leave you. Everyone must choose for themselves.

Panel 4: Dear God thank you for loving me and sending your Son to die for my sins. I am sorry for my sins and receive Jesus Christ as my savor. Now as your child I turn my entire life over to you – Amen.

Child Evangelism Tracts Memory Cross All Four Panels

ABC Memory Cross Gospel Tract for Kids 

ABC Memory Cross animation
The ABC Memory Cross Gospel tract for children is a simple and creative way to help children understand about becoming a child of God. The image above shows how this tract folds. The design is very unique which captures the attention of children. We don’t think that there is another Gospel tract for children that so fascinates kids.

The copy for each panel of this child evangelism tract is as follows:

Panel 1: ABC Memory Cross – ABCs of Becoming a Christian. A – Admit. Admit to God that you are a sinner. Repent, turning away from sin. (Acts 3:19). B- Believe. Believe that Jesus is God’s Son and accept God’s gift of forgiveness from sin. (Romans 5:8). C- Confess Confess you faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. (Romans 10:9-10,13)

Panel 2: What Does the Bible Say About Becoming a Christian? God loves you (1 John 4:10). Sin separates you from God. Sin is choosing my way instead of God’s way. Sin separates people from God. (Romans 3:23) God sent Jesus so you would not have to die for your sins. Jesus died on a cross, He was buried and He rose from the dead (John 3:16)

Panel 3: Is it time for you to become a Christian? God’s Holy Spirit will help you know if you are ready to become a Christian. If it is that time, pray a prayer such as the following…

Panel 4: Dear God, I know I have sinned and that my sin separates me from You. I am sorry for my sin. I believe Jesus died on the cross for me so my sin can be forgiven. I believe Jesus rose from the dead and is alive. God, please forgive me. I ask Jesus to come into my life and be my Savior and Lord. I will obey You and live for You the rest of my life. Thank You. Amen.

This child evangelism tracts is written in English and Spanish.  The information for the card is as follows:

Panel 1: The scene shows God having just created all things: the Earth, animals, man & woman. This illustration represents the perfect relationships that existed before Adam & Eve (the first man & woman) disobeyed God & sin entered the world. Before that terrible event, there was no sin (wrongdoing) to separate God & mankind.


  • “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” – Genesis 1:27 (ANIV)
  • “I [Jesus Christ] have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. “ – John 10:10b (ANIV)

Panel 2:  The scene shows the man & woman (representative of us all) separated from the loving embrace & security of God by their sins (wrongdoing.) Sin always separates us from God, because He is perfect & can not look upon sin. In this illustration, sin is depicted as a vast fiery chasm, impossible to cross for the man & woman. They need help! God knows that, & sent His only Son (Jesus Christ) to die & pay (atone for) all of our sins. In so doing, Jesus created a “bridge” across which we can once again be reunited with the Lord God.


  • “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” – Romans 3:23 (ANIV)
  • “For the wages of sin is death” – Romans 6:23 (ANIV)
  • “Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment.” – Hebrews 9:27 (ANIV)

Panel 3:  The scene shows the man & woman (representative of us all) crossing the great wooden cross. Only by coming to the cross of Jesus Christ can our sins be dealt with once & for all. Only once that has happened, can we be reunited with the Lord God.


  • “For Christ died for sins once for all, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God.”  – 1 Peter 3:18 (ANIV)
  • “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”  – Romans 5:8 (ANIV)

Panel 4: The scene shows the man & woman (representative of us all) reunited with the Lord God. We know from the Bible that it was the terrible cost of the Cross, which Jesus paid on our behalf, for our sins, which allows our sins to be dealt with, & which allow us free access back into the wonderful presence of the Lord.


  • “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.” – John 3:16-17 (ANIV)
  • “I tell you the truth, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned; he has crossed over from death to life.”  – John 5:24 (ANIV)

Click here to see all four panels.

This child evangelism tract is available in English and Spanish and English and Haitian.  Designed in black and white so that kids can color it while learning God’s plan of salvation.  They are generally used on mission trips to Spanish speaking countries or Haiti but can be just as effective in reaching children in the United States.

God’s Plan of Salvation for Children tells the story of Adam and Eve who were once best friends with God but decided to disobey God’s commandments and became separated from Him.  There is good news because that’s not the end of the story.  Even though we sinned and became separated from God, He loves us and sent Jesus to die on the cross for our sins so that we could have a relationship with Him again.

This is a simple tract, written so that younger children will understand.  It is designed to start a conversation and give kids the basics.


The Roman Road child evangelism tracts are available in NIV, English and Spanish, Haitian-Creole, and Romanian and English.  To see all four panels, click this link.

The Roman Road Tract: Pathway to Life coloring card is a children’s Gospel tract that combines a craft project (coloring) while presenting the Gospel. This Gospel tract helps children understand God’s plan of salvation using verses from Romans. Scriptures from the book of Romans have been used for centuries to help people understand God’s plan of salvation. We have taken those verses and designed a tract that children can understand.

God’s Love Never Ends Child Evangelism Tracts

This simple child evangelism tract is designed to help children know that God loves them and that his love never ends.  The wording on the panels are:

  • Panel 1:  God’s love never ends! – Psalm 136:1
  • Panel 2:  And He wants to be your friend – John 15:15
  • Panel 3:  So when you feel all alone
  • Panel 4:  Remember you are not on your own because … and then it flips back to panel 1

The card is available in English and Spanish.

Gods Love Child Evangelism Tracts for children

Roman Road Gospel Tracts: English, Spanish, Haitian Creole, Romanian

Memory Cross has created the Roman Road Gospel tracts in English, Spanish and English, Haitian Creole and English and Romanian and English.  Each tract fascinates children with four panels that makes an endless loop.  The video below shows how each tract folds.

The tracts are printed in black and white so children can use their creativity to color the card, which makes it much more likely that kids will keep and read them over and over again.  They measure 6 inches by 6 inches so if you are taking them on a mission trips they pack easily into a suitcase.

After going on several mission trips and getting feedback from others who took these tracts on mission trips we decided to make them bi-lingual in Spanish and English, Haitian-Creole and English and Romanian and English.  We found that most children in other countries are interested in learning English, and by including English on the tract allows children to learn God’s plan of salvation in English as well as their own language.

Another benefit we’ve found is that once children learn the tract in English they want to tell their parents and friends, so they become little evangelists spreading the Gospel. One of the most important things you can do on a mission trip is to let kids and adults know that God loves them, and Memory Cross’ Roman Road Gospel tracts are one of the most effective ways to do that.

Roman Road spanish and english gospel tract

Roman Roads Gospel Tracts

If you are going to a country that speaks another language we can translate the card into any language.  It takes 3 to 4 weeks to produce a custom order.  If you would like a free sample or more information on any of the cards we’ve included some information below.






Gospel Tracts for Mission Trips – Sharing Jesus’ Love With Children

Memory Cross makes fun and creative Gospel Tracts for mission trips.  Each tract is designed using our exclusive endless loop design, which kids love.  They are printed in black and white so it can be used as a craft project.  The card is also in English along with another language which allows you to teach children that God loves them and has a plan for their life in English and their language.

Gospel Tracts for Mission Trips

If you are getting ready to go on a mission trip and will be working with children here are some Christian tracts that are worth checking out.  Tracts are available in a variety of languages using the unique Memory Cross endless loop design.  Most are black and white, allowing kids to color them.  If you don’t know how the card works, watch the video.  I think you’ll be impressed.

Gospel Tracts for mission trips in other languages

They are available in English, Spanish, Haitian-Creole, French, Romanian, Wordless and can be translated into any language with a minimum of 250 cards.  Most cards are in English and another language.   This allows people going on the mission trip to share God’s plan of salvation better with children.  Many use this card to teach kids the English words, which really helps make the card special, plus kids will then go teach the tract to their friends and parents.


Here are a few of the tracts available for mission trips.


The Memory Cross Gospel tracts offer a hands on experience for children, which helps kids better understand God’s plan of salvation.  Kids everywhere love the endless loop design, which they will continue to play with even after you leave.  The card also makes a nice craft project allowing children to make it their own through coloring or stickers.  Finally the Gospel is presented not only in their native language but also in English.  Most children in other countries want to learn English and what better thing to learn in English than God loves them and has a plan for their life.

Most cards are in stock and will be delivered in less than a week with free shipping on orders over $50.  Custom orders take 2-4 weeks to produce.

If you would like to receive a free sample add the item below to your shopping cart and use the code “Facebook” and we’ll pick up the freight or you can call us at 800-799-0260.  If you would like to receive the samples in another language besides Spanish, let us know in the comments section.


To see all the tracts available visit our store.

Halloween Evangelism Tracts for Children

Halloween is just around the corner and it can be the single largest evangelistic outreach for Christians in America.  What other day of the year do are there millions of children knocking on the door of Christians asking for a treat?  Statistics I found say there are 41 million trick or treaters between the age of 5 and 14 and 1.1 billion pounds of candy given away.Halloween Evangelism Tracts

What do you think the odds that those 41 million kids knock on at least one follower of Jesus?  What if that one follower gave them a Halloween Evangelism track that also invited parents to visit their church?  A recent study found that 82% of unchurched would consider visiting a church if invited.  This same study found that 98% of church members never invited even one person in a given year.

That could easily be changed at Halloween.  During every day of the year except Halloween Christians would have to be proactive to share their faith, which a lot of people are uncomfortable with, but during Halloween kids ask you for something.  Go ahead and buy some of the 1.1 billion pounds of candy but also give them a Halloween evangelism tract or an invitation to visit your church.

Some will respond.  If the number that responded is 1% that would be 410,000 families either visiting church or responding to the Gospel.  When Abraham was pleading for Sodom he asked God if he would spare the city for 50 people, finally saying he would not destroy the city for the sake of 10.  If Christians united in their desire to reach the lost at Halloween and only 210,000 people were saved is that worth the effort and expense?  Suppose only 105,000 respond?  What if the number is 52,500?  What if only 26,250?

Jesus last commandment found in all four Gospels is “Go and make disciples of all nations” – Matthew 28:19.  Let’s take advantage of the opportunity which Halloween offers us.

There are many Halloween evangelism tracts already printed and ready to buy.  A few even have a spot to include your church’s name and information.  Here is a link to some of the Halloween Gospel tracts available:

Halloween Gospel Tracts

  • Amazon – If you already shop on Amazon and if you are a Prime member you can find hundreds of Halloween Gospel tracts with free shipping.
  • Christian Book – They have a wide selection of Halloween evangelism tracts from a variety of companies.
  • Memory Cross – Origami Halloween tracts, many with room to put your church information.  See the video below that shows how each tract works.
  • Let the Little Children Come – I’m a big believer in making Gospel tracts creative because they capture attention and are far more likely to be read.  I think Memory Cross cards are the most creative, but then I work there.  The other company that incorporates the creative use of paper to share the Gospel with children is Let the Little Children Come.  Be sure to check out their products.
  • Crossway – While they don’t (as of this writing) have tracts specifically for Halloween they do have well written child friendly Gospel tracts.
  • Moments with the Book – They have the best selection of KJV tracts.  If you love that version check out their products.

The final option is to create a small card that tells what your church has for children and youth activities and invites the parents to visit.  It is more work, takes a longer lead time and is a little more expensive but is more effective.  Memory Cross can help you with the printing and design of your card.  The lead time is about two weeks.  Click here for more information.

If Jesus has changed your life and you want to share the Good News with others then Halloween is one of the most effective times of the year.  Simply drop a Halloween tract in with your candy and pray that God uses it to change lives.

I have included two videos below.  The first shows how each Memory Cross card folds and the second video is the story of someone whose life was changed because of a simple Gospel tract/invitation.



Trick or Treat Bible Tracts for kids

If God has put it on your heart to share the Gospel with children this Halloween then there are a number of trick or treat Bible tracts available written specifically for kids that you’ll want to check out.

Halloween is the one day of the year when children knock on their neighbor’s doors asking for a treat. Along with candy handing out a simple Halloween Gospel tract, especially one that also invites parents to visit your church can be an effective way to let children know that there is a God and that he loves them and has a plan for their life.

I realize that Christians have differing views on Halloween and whether to avoid it, join in the activities or use it as an evening of evangelism.  Personally after reading the history of Halloween I find many of the customs are either directly Christian or have been taken from Christianity.  It has been mixed with elements that are not Christian just like Christmas so in my mind I’ve decided to use Halloween to plant seeds that God could use to further his kingdom.

When Paul was in Athens he found common ground with those who were worshiping other gods and used it as his starting point to talk about Christ. Acts 17:22 -23.  Paul then stood up in the meeting of the Areopagus and said: “People of Athens! I see that in every way you are very religious.  For as I walked around and looked carefully at your objects of worship, I even found an altar with this inscription: to an unknown god. So you are ignorant of the very thing you worship—and this is what I am going to proclaim to you.

If you are unsure which way God is leading you, read the Bible and pray about it.  For those who want to share the Gospel with children at Halloween here are a few trick or treat Bible tracts for kids that are worth checking out.  First a disclaimer, I’m a partner in Memory Cross and involved in the creation of Halloween tracts for kids, so I’m biased and I do receive compensation if you choose to purchase a Memory Cross trick or treat tract for children.  Having said that we work very hard to create relevant and engaging tracts that kids will want to keep and read over and over again.

With every tract we make we follow the following guidelines:

  1. Make sure the tract gets kid’s attention and engages them.  If it does not get their attention it will be discarded without even being read.
  2. Make it something kids want to keep.  We do this through the unique design, images and wording.
  3. Create Halloween tracts so they presents the Gospel in a kid friendly, positive and loving way.  They do not have to present the plan of salvation but if it starts a conversation, opens a door, or makes kids want to know more then a seed has been planted.  With most of the trick or treat tracts there is a space for you to invite parents to visit your church.  Hopefully that is where children will come to understand who God is and accept Jesus as their savior and become a disciple of Jesus.

Favorite trick or treat Bible tracts for kids

Trick or Treat Bible Tracts for kids

This Halloween tract shares the Good News in four panels that make a never ending loop.  The copy is as follows:

  1. Happy Halloween.  Have you heard the Good news?
  2. God loves you and has a plan for your life.
  3. For God so love the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life. – John 3:16 ESV
  4. I have come that you may have life and have it to the full – Jesus (John 10:10).  Come visit us this Sunday and there is space to either stamp the church name and address or hand write it.  If you are ordering before September 30th you can also get it printed with your church name if you order 250 or more cards.

They are available in packs of 24 or 250 if you want your church’s name imprinted on the cards. The video below shows how every Memory Cross card folds.

Free Candy Halloween trick or treat Bible tracts for Kids

Free Candy Halloween Gospel Tract for kids

This trick or treat Bible tract asks the question what could be better than free candy?  That is what Halloween is all about.  Just dress up in a costume, say trick or treat and get free candy.  What could be better than that?  God’s love.

Panel 2 says: “God loves you.  He sent his Son Jesus to earth to die for your sins so that you can have eternal life.

Panel 3 says: “That is the greatest and sweetest gift in all the world and all you have to do is accept it.  Invite Jesus into your life and ask him to forgive your sins.  Simply say this prayer and long after the candy is gone Jesus will still be by your side.

Panel 4: “Lord Jesus I know I have done wrong and need your help to do right.  I believe that you died for my sins and that you are alive today.  I want to be like you and I want you to be Lord of my life.  Please forgive me.  I invite you to live in my heart.  I will obey you and live for you the rest of my life.  There is space to write the name of your church or other message.

This tract is available in packs of 24 or we can imprint the cards with your church name and address in packs of 250 or more.

These are just two of the trick or treat Bible tracts for children that we’ve created.  To see the entire line of Halloween tracts, visit our store and pray that God may use all of our efforts to build His kingdom and bring children into a relationship with Jesus.

Here are a few other resources worth checking out:

  • LifeWay has several good trunk or treat tracts.  Click here to check out their supply.
  • Amazon has a number of tracts from a variety of suppliers.
  • Christian Book also has a number of tracts available on their website.

Evangelism – Simple Ways to share the Gospel

Simple Ways to Share the Gospel

Christians are all called to spread the Gospel to the whole world, but many assume that thisSimple Way to Share the Gospel kind of work is only for those who are called in the ministry of evangelization like the missionaries and the evangelists but Jesus calls each of us to spread the Good News.

During my teenage years, I felt like only evangelists were called to tell people the Good News. I thought that I could be a Christian without telling others about Christ.  I felt that way despite the fact that I grew up in the church and my parents are both in the ministry of sharing God’s word.  I still found it hard to share the Gospel, even to my closest friends and classmates. Looking back, I believed I was afraid to be rejected, to be ridiculed and to be the subject of bullying.

Later on, I found out that sharing God’s word is not a hard task at all. You don’t have to travel afar and share the Good News to strangers in a strange land, although, I highly salute all the commitment of our Missionaries, because as they say, mission is not only going across the ocean, most of the time it’s just across your street or even inside your home.

Today, I’ll share to you simple ways that I have been able to share Jesus with others, especially with my family, friends and neighbors.

Invite Them – Invite people to church especially during events and church celebrations like Christmas and Easter.  Kids can also invite others during VBS and youth can invite each other to youth activities.  Another wonderful opportunity is to invite others to a concert or musical, especially if you are involved.

Technology – Technology has been getting everyone connected, so why not use this medium to share Jesus to others. You can post verses or a story of how Christ has worked in your life on your social media or you can send a friend an email or a message of encouragement thru the word of God. With the vast variety of your audience, you can never know who needs an inspiring word. We are inviting you to join us in our #30DaysofBibleScripture. Click here for details and join us as we spread the word of God thru social media one Bible Scripture at a time.

Give a Gift – Who doesn’t want a present? Everyone loves a gift. So why not use this excuse to share Jesus to your friends and others. When you want to appreciate a colleague or a friend, why give him a Christian gift, or when you’re going to give a birthday gift, why not give a Christian book.

Gospel Tracts – I know it sounds old and traditional but tracts have been one of best tools in sharing the Word of God. Besides, as the world changes so is the design of the Gospel tracts. Here at Memory Cross, we design Gospel tracts that you will never be ashamed to share with others and that whoever receives it will surely find it amazing and unique enough to read the message. We design tracts for Mission Trips, tracts that are good for adults, tracts that will teach kids bible scriptures and stories and we even have cards for Special Occasions and Holidays. So next time, whether you are going on an outreach program, or you want to send cards to your loved ones or even you just want to say Thank You to the waiter who served you, try giving out Memory Cross Cards. You’ll be amaze how effective this piece of paper can be in spreading the Word of God in a fun and creative way.

Whether you choose to follow all of these simple steps or you opt even for just one, I urge you to pray for everyone who you might touch. Pray that God will reveal Himself to them and that your action will create an impact in their lives that will lead them to Christ. I believe, no one goes to heaven blindfolded. God will always find a way to reveal the gift of Salvation.  Let us be a channel of God’s way love.

Lastly, for me the best way to share Jesus to others is to become a good example to others. Be the Christian that God wants you to be and live a life that will shine the love of God. Who knows, your life is the only bible that others get to read.

How about you, how do you share Jesus to others? Care to share your tips and ways below?

30 Days of Sharing the Good News through social media

Share the Good News through social media for 30 days

Jesus calls us to tell others about him.  The Good News transforms lives and we are called to share this news.  If you’ve experienced God changing your life share it with others.  Penn Jillette, who is an atheist said “if you believe that Jesus is God’s son and came to save the world then how much do you have to hate someone to not let them know?”

Jesus said in Mark 6:15  “And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.” – NLT.  It has never been easier to share your faith or invite people to church.  If you are on social media you are sharing something: pictures of your children, what other people have said, how your day is going and hopefully your faith.

One of the best ways to share the Good News is by posting one of your favorite scriptures and comment about why you like this verse.

In the month of August we’re challanging Christians to post a favorite verse for 30 days.  God’s Word changes lives.  Billy Graham said: “I am convinced that one of the greatest things we can do is to memorize scripture.”

As mentioned in other post Simple Ways to Share Jesus with others, social media can be one of the greatest and best tools to share the word of God. With the internet, our posts can reach a wide audience.  We do not have to travel across the world to preach the Gospel, just by pressing a few buttons on our computer we can share Jesus and remind the world about His promises and unfailing love.  (Note:  We encourage you to go on a short term mission trip.  It will be an experience that you’ll never forget and one that can have a huge impact on your life.)

The 30 day challenge: Share the Good News through social mediaShare the Good News a 30 day challenge

Today, we are inviting you to join us in 30 days of Bible Scripture posts via social media. Whatever social media you use share the word of God with the world.

  1. Every day, choose one of your favorite verses and post, then tell why this verse is important to you.  Encourage friends to share the post.
  2. Use the hashtag #30DaysofBibleScripture and #SavingtheWorldOneScriptureatATime. (#30DOBS for Twitter).
  3. Pray that every post will inspire someone will be encouraged and brought closer to God.
  4. Do this for 30 days starting the 1st of August until the 30th

My verse for today:  Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. – NIV

Another way to share the Gospel is by letting people know what is going on at your church and inviting others to come.  Make this a regular habit on Friday or Saturday and encourage other friends to do the same.

Together let’s spread the Good News.

Here is one other idea.  It’s not Social Media but one on one evangelism.  If you come across this article around Halloween check out Memory Cross trick or treat Halloween Gospel tracts.  They are a simple way to share Jesus with children.