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Unique Wedding Coasters and Favors

I’m departing from my normal writing to tell you about a new product we have developed around the Memory Cross design.  They are wedding coasters and favors which are unique among all the coasters and favors available for weddings today.

We used the unique Memory Cross origami design, printed it on coaster paper, known as beverage board or blotter paper, and added four images which are personalized for each couple.  Here is a picture of one of the cards we’ve developed.

Unique wedding coasters and favors


Wedding Coasters Video

We also put together a video that showcases these unique wedding coasters.

Delivery will take a couple weeks and we’re planning to make them available on the Memory Cross website, Amazon, WeddingWire, Ebay and we may also list it on Etsy.  Free samples are also available by clicking on this link.  We’re excited at this new creative use for Memory Cross cards.  People all across the world are constantly finding new ways to use this unique design.  We’ve also created a few wedding invitations using the 4 x 4 coaster size or the larger 6 x 6.

Creating this coaster is simple.  Just visit the site and upload the four images that you wan to use.  Within a couple days a proof will be sent to you electronically.  If you are looking for a wedding favor that your friends and family will remember order a free sample so you can evaluate this coaster for yourself.

Let us know what you think?

Creative Business Cards

Creative Business Cards

I thought about calling this post “How to turn your business card into a marketing powerhouse” because what we have is very creative business card that helps your business stand out.   This business card has four Creative Business Cardspanels and creates a continuous loop.  The design gets attention and with four panels you can create a powerful message and then link to the web using a QR code.

The business card has room for 50 to 75 words.  That gives you enough room to craft a message that makes the right people want to take action.  As a salesperson I know there are many times when handing out a brochure is not an option, but I do have my business card.  Using the Memory Cross design it becomes a creative marketing piece for my small business, one that people will remember.  We’ve put together a video that shows how this creative business card works.


There are a number of disadvantages to a company brochure:

  • Most people don’t read it
  • It is usually out of date within a couple months
  • You can’t carry it around wherever you go
  • You can’t split test it to make it better

The Memory Cross business card solves these problems by putting a powerful message in the hands of your prospects and customers.  If you have an elevator speech that quickly conveys why people want to do business with you, that is what you want on your card.  Include a QR code that links your creative business cards to a landing page.  If you use  a program that allows you to split test you can create two landing pages and evaluate them to see which converts better.  (We offer solutions for split testing and landing page design.)

On your landing page you can put your brochure, which can be updated to reflect and new products, specials or changes in the company without having to reprint the brochure and it is never out of date.  This design works well for a variety of companies selling to consumers as well as business to business.    Besides creative business cards Memory Cross makes this card in a variety of different sizes.  If you would like to receive a free sample visit our business page.

About Memory Cross

The idea for Memory Cross was developed by Andy Lambert, a pastor in the United Methodist Church.  He was looking for a create way to help children memorize Scripture and learn Bible stories.  We’ve created hundreds of designs for children and youth using this design but the idea spread beyond the original mission.  Pretty soon people were calling us wanting to know if we could create a customize Memory Cross card for their business.  We have created private branded cards for small companies as well as Fortune 100 companies.   Annually we produce millions of private branded cards including our creative business cards.