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Bible Memory Challenge

Bible Memory Challenge

Tuesday mornings at 6:30 a group of guys from my church meet to study God’s Word, pray and support each other.  This Tuesday we challenged each other to a Bible Memory Challenge:  two Scriptures a week.  It felt good to have someone hold me accountable for memorizing Scripture so I decided to offer the challenge to you also.  Memorizing Scripture has a lot of benefits.

Chuck Swindoll wrote, “I know of no other single practice in the Christian life more rewarding, practically speaking, than Scripture Bible Memory Challengememorization. . . . No other single exercise pays greater spiritual dividends! Your prayer life will be strengthened. Your witnessing will be sharper and much more effective. Your attitudes and outlook will begin to change. Your mind will become alert and observant. Your confidence and assurance will be enhanced. Your faith will be solidified” (Growing Strong in the Seasons of Life [Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1994], p. 61).

Rick Warren in the Purpose Driven Life listed the benefits of memorizing Bible verses as follows:

  • Resist temptation
  • Make wise decisions
  • Reduce Stress
  • Build confidence
  • Offer good advice
  • Share your faith

I was flipping through my Bible thinking about which two verses and decided on these two.  I picked The Message for both.

Proverbs 13:19  Souls who follow their hearts thrive; fools bent on evil despise matters of soul.

Philippians 4: 6-7  Don’t fret or worry.  Instead of worrying, pray.  Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns.  Before you know it, a sense of God’s wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down.  It’s wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life.

I picked Proverbs 13:19 because I’m at a crossroads in my life.  I’ve always felt passionate about Memory Cross but I’ve never relied on it for my income.  Now things have changed and I’m putting all my efforts into Memory Cross.  I feel passionate that our origami design is one of the best ways using print to share the Gospel and teach children Scriptures and Bible stories.

Stepping out is scary.  Does anyone else feel like Memory Cross is a good way to share the Gospel and will they support this ministry and share it with their friends?  That  is a question that is constantly on my mind.  Maybe you are in the same place in life.  You have a dream you want to follow but taking the next step is scary.  We are not called to be afraid but to step out.

There are so many examples in the Bible:  Abraham, Moses, Jonah, all the Apostles.  Each of them put their fears aside and decided to trust God.  From a worldly standpoint their lives did not go as planned.  Moses spent 40 years wondering around the desert, Jonah spent three days in the belly of a fish and all the disciples except John were killed for their faith.  Yet from God’s standpoint they were faithful.

Philippians 4:6-7 was a natural pick during this uncertain time in my life.  Scary for me usually means worry and worry takes the energy and motivation out of life.  God does not want us to worry about anything but rather to pray about it and turn it over to him.  That is tough.  It seems like I have a constant list of things to worry about:  grandchildren, children, work, money and now putting everything else aside and pursuing Memory Cross full time.  But God says before you know it, a sense of God’s wholeness, everything coming  together for good, will come and settle you down.  It’s wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life

As I’ve been praying about everything I’ve felt God saying, do not worry, trust me.  Everything is going to turn out better than you can dream.  Still uncertainty still scares me.  Maybe it does you also.  If so I challenge you to put this Scripture to memory.

Will you take the Bible Memory Challenge?

I hope you will consider taking the Bible memory challenge with me.  Two verses a week of your choosing.  If you comment on the post we’ll keep each other accountable.  Let’s see how God works in our lives through this challenge.

If you have kids sign them up for the Bible Bee.  Not only will they get to memorize Scriptures this summer but they could win part of the $260,000 prize money.  Imagine the lasting impact this could have on your kids and if they win the grand prize of $100,000 that would be pretty exciting also.  The Bible Bee needs host churches also so if you work at a church why not get your church involved?

Finally a few resources that we have available.  Memory Cross has created a number of printed Scripture memory cards and memory packs.  One of the most popular is the armor of God.  With 31,173 Bible verses in the Protestant Bible it is impossible for us to have all of them available so we’ve created several blank cards.  Memory Cross makes memorizing Scripture easier in two ways:  First it breaks the verse into 4 parts and second the design is almost addictive.  Children and adults have a hard time putting it down which means they’ll read over the verse again and again.  

One testimonial that we received:    “I help teach kids church at Dix Hills Evangelical Free Church in LI New York. We play games and have contest each week for the kids to help them memorize Scripture.  We started using the Romans Road and were amazed at how quickly the kids learned verses using Memory Cross.

We had 20 kids and six verses, we give 20 points a verse and we offered 100 points to any one who could recite the Romans Road from memory. We ended up with almost 2500 points.  The math doesn’t lie our scripture blitz was successful. The only thing we could say is amen and thank you God for memory cross.” – Michael Grzegorski

If you decide to accept the challenge let me know by commenting or letting your friends know.  Love to know what you think.  We just finished a couple new cards for Sunday School:  Moses Sunday School.  If you are teaching on Moses be sure to check them out.

If you have never seen how this card folds be sure to watch the video below.  If you would like to receive free sample of this unique card visit our store.  If you live in the United States we’ll even pay for the freight.  We’ve posted an article on how to memorize Scripture that I believe you’ll find useful.


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