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The Armor of God

Teaching Children about the Armor of God

teaching children about the armor of God
Memory Cross card contains four panels that make an endless loop.

If you are teaching children about the Armor of God at church or Vacation Bible School, Memory Cross has developed an origami card that makes it fun and easy to help children learn and memorize this Scripture.  Based on Ephesians 6: 11 and 14-17 the armor of God will help children learn these verses.

The Armor of God is being used in Answers in Genesis Kingdom Chronicles.  If your church is using Answers in Genesis Kingdom Chronicles this card is a creative way to help children learn about the Armor of God.  Here are a few comments that we have received from people.

“I got a sample pack in the mail to see how effective they would be with my kids, and My kids Loved Them!!! I’m definitely planning on using them in our children’s ministry program at our church!!!” – Kassandra Tovar

“These Memory Crosses are so neat – from young child to adults, everyone is amazed by them. Our church used the Easter crosses that kids can color as a gift for the kids. Everyone loved them.” – Angie Patterson Curry

“The kids in our Sunday morning program love these. They are fun and easy to use and great to share with friends.”  – Theresa Hacker

We’ve created a video to show how the Memory Cross Armor of God card works.  We’ve included a link if you would like to know more  about how this card can help you teach children about putting on the whole armor of God.  We also have a number of tracts for kids that are creative ways to share the Gospel.

Like to receive a sample?  We’ll send one out for free and even pay the shipping if you live in the United States, just click here.    We’ve written an article about how to memorize Scripture.  It is something that can change a child’s life.


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