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7 Resources Teaching Children about the Birth of Moses

Birth of Moses

Resources in Teaching Children about the Birth of Moses

Teaching Children about the Birth of Moses
Via churchmice253.wordpress.com

The birth of Moses and how he was saved from the ruthless hands of Pharaoh (Exodus 1:22-2:10) is one of the most known bible stories in the Old Testament. I learned about the life of Moses back when I was very little while attending our church Sunday School. And we could agree that the story of the life of Moses is indeed very interesting, it teaches so many lessons about God’s protection, a mother’s love for their child, a miracle that God can do, and a lot more. I had a really great teacher back then and that Sunday School teacher has helped me learn so many bible stories.

Bible teachers – may it be a Sunday School of a VBS teacher needs to be able to know how to spike interest in their students when teaching bible stories. Some children already know the bible stories that we’d teach and may sometimes spoil other kids during bible lesson time. But there are ways to still have them listen to the bible lesson even if they already know what the story is all about but that doesn’t come easy – that requires a teacher to do further extensive research on how to teach the lesson, what tool to use and how teach the story to the students.

Nowadays, we are blessed with so many resources around us. Some we can access in just one click online. There are many resources we can use in teaching children about the birth of Moses and most of them are free! These companies that offer free resources online aim to help bible teachers around the world deliver their bible stories in a more interesting and fun way. Here are some of the websites we can use to help us teach the children about the birth of Moses:

1. Ministry to Children

Ministry to Children offers a complete help for all bible teachers. Their website is packed with bible stories complete with lesson plans, suitable songs, printable lessons and activities. The story of Baby Moses on their website can be easily accessed with its 60 minute target time frame for children.

2. Kids Sunday School

Kids Sunday School offers a suggested skit for children that you can use if you want a more interactive bible story time and if you want your students to get involved in the story telling. The skit will need 5 participants (Mother, Miriam, Narrator, Maiden, and Daughter) to reenact the bible story for the other kids to enjoy. This skit will have a completely different environment in your class. It’s best to use older kids to do the skit that way all of them can easy read or memorize the lines in the script. The script will only last for about 10 minutes and aims to help teach the kids about faith, God’s protection and trusting God.

3. Calvary Curriculum

Calvary curriculum aims to support the child ministers. They offer resources like Bible curricula, trainings and other helpful materials. They have Audio trainings and teachings, forms and flyers as well as VBS materials. They have really nice coloring page, ready-made test paper and puzzles you can easily download for your children’s activity after your bible lesson about the birth of Moses.

4. Garden of Praise

Garden of Praise is also a good resource in teaching children about the birth of Moses. It is an educational website created in 1999 by a veteran classroom teacher with 35 years experience. It has slideshows and audio available for teachers to use in their classes. It also has printable and online activities such as tests, jigsaw and crossword puzzles, word search, coloring and other worksheets available for use.

5. Youtube Bible Story Videos

Many children loves watching movies and videos, we can make use of that interest in our classroom to teach bible stories. Youtube, the most popular video streaming has so many videos we can use to teach our children about the life of Moses depending on the age group of students you’re teaching. Here are a few online videos about the story of the birth of Moses uploaded by different Christian channels to help the teachers: WordActionPublishing, The Holy Tales: Bible, Moody Bible Stories (for older kids), and Sabbath School.

6. Bible for Children

There’s so much to love about this website. It is filled with PowerPoint, tracts and coloring pages for kids – all available for download, isn’t that amazing? It has the story of Moses available entitled “The Prince from the River” to help teachers.

7. Memory Cross

Memory Cross offers an amazing, fun and interesting way to tell your story. They’ve come up with cool foldable visual aids that you can just open from the middle and proceed with your story. What’s great about this is you can be rest assured that you will not get lost on your pictures because they’ve already been arranged for you – gone are the days when you worry about a missing visual aid because they’re all in one. Not only that, it’s so easy to use…it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Here’s a link of a tutorial to walk you through in using the Memory cross gospel tracts.

Via store.memorycross.com

In this present digital age, God is using the internet to help Christian organizations reach out and help the Sunday School teachers, DVBS teachers and even parents at home teach their children. We are blessed to be able to download most of these resources at no cost. If you are into teaching the little ones, go ahead and explore online and you will see so many interesting and new ideas that can help you as you teach these kids who hunger for God’s word. Teachers have a great impact in children. Although our prize for our efforts in teaching these kids are in store in heaven, we can have an early taste of fulfillment here on Earth when we see our students learn and not forget our lessons.

If you have other resources share them in the comment section below.  God used Moses in a special way and through teaching kids about his birth and life we can help them understand that God has a plan for their life too.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. – Jeremiah 29:11

IMG_20150225_153954About:  I am a writer, an essay instructor, and a work-at-home mother.  Most importantly, I am a woman who strives to follow Jesus and honor Him in everything I do. I am a sinner, and I make mistakes, and my salvation lies in Him.  My thoughts on life can be found on my blog:  Little pieces of Happy.

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