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7 Christ Centered Easter Craft Ideas

Christ-Centered Easter Craft Ideas

Easter is fast approaching and I’m sure everyone most especially the kids are getting excited with Easter parties, egg hunting activities, Funtastic_Christ_Centered_Craft_Ideasnew Easter outfits and other Easter surprises. These things can bring great fun but sometimes these are also the things that made us forget the real meaning of Easter.

That’s why I decided to list some ideas that will help parents, Sunday School teachers and church volunteers to bring the real message of Easter to our kids and even to our family. Nothing can beat the fun in being crafty while creating a bond with our kids and sharing the word of God. These craft are easy, fun to create and can help kids learn the meaning of Easter.

  1. Play-Doh Plastic Easter Egg FillerWe found this craft idea on Meaningful Mamma.  It is good for little kids as I am sure they will have great fun filling eggs with play-dough. This also Play-Doh-Plastic-Easter-Egg-Filler-Non-Candy-Christian-Easter-Ideacomes with a simple explanation of how God wants us to become more like Him like dough being molded inside the plastic eggs.



2. Easter Handprint Cross– this project by Michelle at Crafty Morning is quite messy but it won’t diminish the fun it will bring especially to little kids as they handprint crosslearn the amazing sunshine God had brought to our lives thru the power of the cross.  What you’ll need for this project: white/green/brown or black paper, yellow washable paint, scissors, and glue.




3. Colorful Light Ray Cross – This easy to make craft project by Tammy at Housing a Forest will surely remind the kids the beautiful story of Easter amidst all the Colorful-Light-Ray-Cross-Oil-Pastel-Kids-art-4commercialized Easter fun and surprises now a days.




4. Easter Egg with a Cross – This idea was found on Amy’s Free Ideas.  It is easy to create with older kids as they already know how to handle crafts that use glue and paints. This is a good reminder that Easter is not about bunnies and eggs but about the cross and the story behind it. This link will also give you other crafts that create cross.



5. Resurrection Button Art – This craft can be found on Do Small things with love.  Nancy designed this craft for older kids who love button crafts. A beautiful reminder that life is button artcolorful when we have Jesus in our life.




6. Easter Walk – We came across this craft project on the Dating Divas.  No its not a singles dating site.  Tara Carson’s tag line is: strengthening marriages one date at a time.  This craft can be a good start of a family Easter traditions. You can re-create the same wonderful memories every year as you walkcontinue to remind everyone inside your home the importance of our Savior.




7. The Easter Story in an Egg – Heidi  with The Frugal Girls created this craft.  It is an easy way of having a fun advent of Easter with your kids and the rest of the family as you re-tell Easter-Crafts-Egg-Story1the part of the story day by day leading to the Easter Celebration.




Before I end the list, let me share another idea that you don’t want to miss in this Easter celebration: and this is with the use of memorycrossEaster Cards from Memory Cross. It’s an origami cards with four panels that never stop folding. It will capture the attention of the kids and you will surely have a great time sharing with them the true story of Easter.

For a more easy arts and crafts ideas, visit our Pinterest account on our boards- Christian Easter Ideas for Kids and on Pinteresting DIY, Crafts, Lessons and Games.

And lastly if you are planning to hold an Easter Egg Hunt or an Easter Party, here’s a way on how to use this event to present the word of God: Making and Easter Egg Hunt an Evangelism Event.

I hope you enjoy these and let us continue growing together and working hand in hand in discovering our Savior’s life in a fun and most creative ways.

Feel free to add the link or the tutorials of your discovered arts and crafts ideas that you want to share on our comment box below.

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